Pro Tour Atlanta Feature: Grand Prix Teams at the Pro Tour

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The letter T!eam Grand Prix are not always indicators of future team success, but there's usually a strong correlation between Team Limited ability and how well those teams have done at recent GPs. So we figured we'd check in on this year's Team GP notables and peek at the stories of how they got there and look at their spots in the standings.

Round 4 Records
Team NameRecord
: B2-2
Thaaaat's Me!2-2
The Max Fischer Players2-2
Shonichide Pon3-1
Gatas Brihantes3-1
One Spin3-1

To start with, we should probably address the notable absences this weekend. Masashiro Kuroda stayed home this weekend with his wife and baby, putting GP-Osaka winners P.S. 2 a man down. Luckily for them, they found a ringer in Masashi Oiso, considered by many to be the best all-around player in the world right now. Also absent this weekend is GP-Chicago Top 4 team Voracious Cobra, who didn't make the trip at all.

Gindy's Sister's Fan Club looks like an absence, but remarkably all three team members are playing here this weekend on three different teams. Adam Chambers and Zach "Baby-faced Assassin" Parker managed to pull their teams through last night's Last Chance Qualifier to snag a slot in the main event (as did Good Man Ken Krouner). Charlie Gindy is also playing this weekend with the same team that won Grand Prix-Washington D.C., Thaaaaat's Me!

Through four rounds of the tournament, none of the Grand Prix teams has been knocked out, but four of the seven face elimination matches. If you were to ask them what their biggest worry was coming into the tournament, almost every team on the list would have said "Making Day 2," giving a nod to the treacherous Sealed Deck portion of the event that completely makes or breaks your weekend. For the record, Pro Tour-Seattle Champions Von Dutch are currently 4-0.

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