Round 7: Vision

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Stan van der Velden is a longtime Belgian Magic player, though it’s tough to really describe him as a pro. “You want to talk about my Magic career?” asked Stan. “That should be nice and awkward. I have 51 lifetime pro tour points and never had 20 at any one time. I did have 18 or 19 for about a season and a half though...” He’s also attended the last two Pro Tours by battling through qualifiers and now sits with a 6-0 record in the feature match area of the Pro Tour. Stan’s opponent is Portuguese Magic and poker pro Marcio Carvalho. Marcio has not only had 20 pro points at one time, but also has two Pro Tour Top 8s and 4 Grand Prix Top 8s to his name.

Marcio Carvalho and Stan van der Velden share a brief moment in the feature match area.
”No Vision, Bitterblossom start, please,” requested Carvalho.

“I’ll try,” was Stan’s dry reply.

“There’s one,” said Stan, suspending Ancestral Vision on turn one.

“...Blossom?” asked Carvalho.

“No! Come on!” was the lament as Stan did play the dreaded enchantment on turn two. “Hey, what can I say? I’m a professional.” So was Carvalho, putting a Blossom of his own into play.

Thoughtseize on turn three from Stan kept the pressure on, revealing a full hand of gas from Marcio including Tarmogoyf, Kitchen Finks, and cards in four different languages. As Mike Flores would say, that’s sound tournament operations. Carvalho’s problem, though, was that he didn’t have any additional lands. Stan took the Finks and passed the turn. Carvalho remained stuck on the same two lands for the rest of the game, as Vision came off suspend and reloaded Stan’s hand, followed by a second one two turns later. The nuts start plus mana screw meant Game 1 was never close after the shuffling ended, and it was on to Game 2.

van der Velden 1, Carvalho 0

Carvalho kept murmuring, “It’s so unfair,” as he had to mulligan twice in Game 2. Van der Velden looked at his opening hand and informed the onlooking crowd, “I am so good at Magic. Keep.” Obviously he started with the Ancestral Vision / Bitterblossom opening, but just to rub it in, he doubled up on both for turn three. Carvalho was quickly buried by the fae army, and the man they call StanVee was happy to carry his 7-0 record into the last round of the day.

van der Velden 2, Carvalho 0

Stan van der Velden
Pro Tour-Hollywood 2008

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