Photo Essay: Seeing the Sights, Pro Tour Style

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Judging by the look on his face, those air quotes are wrapped around bad news.

Estimated number of bites: 4.

The player party Build-Your-Own burritos are a HUGE game.

The spectacle of it never ceases to amaze.

Your diligent judge staff. They keep it fair. Except for Head Judge Sheldon Menery. He mostly busts heads.

GLEEMAX commands you! Come work for Wizards!

Rob Alexander shows off his awesome art, vest.

rk Post is loved for his art, feared for his beard.

Gunslinging with R&D

Kenji Tsumura gives his opponent a thousand-yard stare.

Gab Nassif busts out some old-school breakdancing. I'm as surprised as you are.

The format for your next Pro Tour.

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