Day Two: Introduction

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The letter D!ay 2 is now underway, and with so many Fireballs and Ornithopters being cast, the event has a strangely Old School feel. The sea of Affinity decks has been pared away, and the decks that were designed to defeat it have done their job, rising to the top of the standings.

Big Red was handing out the man-sized helpings of burn, and helped Japan's Mashashiro Kuroda to another undefeated Day 1. Behind him a lot of Europe's best were sending Arc-Slogger to the face. That's good news for the unique TwelvePost deck, since many of the mono-red decks are incapable of disrupting it. Gabriel Nassif and Raphael Levy could be looking at an easy road to Top 8.

Surprisingly America has put up a less-than-impressive showing so far this weekend. Could we be looking at the first ever Pro Tour Top 8 that does not feature an American player? Stay tuned for all the action.

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