Feature: Podcasting the Pro Tour

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Starting here at Pro Tour-London, you'll be able to access audio versions of all our video updates -- including the Sunday webcast -- via your iPod or other portable media player automatically via the Pro Tour Podcast.

Podcasting is delivering audio content on demand so that it can be listened to at the user's convenience. The main benefit of podcasting is that listeners can sync content to their media player and take it with them to listen whenever they want to. Because podcasts are typically saved in MP3 format, they can also be listened to on nearly any computer.

To subscribe to the Pro Tour podcast, follow these easy steps.

1. Go to
2. Download iTunes version 5
3. Launch iTunes.
4. From the dropdown menus, select Advanced -->Subscribe to Podcast
5. When prompted for a URL, enter and click OK.

Once you subscribe to the podcast, iTunes will automatically check for new files and download them to your computer.

So what's stopping you? Sign up now!

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