Feature: The Prerelease of the Future

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The letter T!his weekend Magic unveiled Mark Rosewater and company’s latest insanity—Future Sight. Buzz about this set has heads asploding across the world, but even those who had been following the previews could not have predicted just how insane things would really be once the full set was unveiled. Sadly, our photographer Craig Gibson did not catch any Fist of the North Star-style noggin expansions in action, but he did get more than a few glimpses of folks peering into the future…

The future of judging.

Even jokes are funnier in the future! (Captions will be too, and only partly because someone else will be writing them.)

Bram Snapplebangers flashes the future of blue.

In the future, being indestructible will still be awesome.

In the future, Magic players will be veeeery very tiny.

Cards, however, will still be normal size.

Judges have been guarding this set with their lives! I know this because I had to kill two to get a hold of product for last night's draft.

In the future, women everywhere will play Magic. (Right now they seem localized mostly in Japan and Paris.)

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