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Thanks to Mark Morimoto for the decklists.

Jason Galut
1st Place - Hawaii - Honolulu

David Kaczorwski
3rd Place - Hawaii - Honolulu

Dominic Roos
4th Place - Hawaii - Honolulu

Michael Ching
6th Place - Hawaii - Honolulu

Main Deck

60 cards

Keldon Megaliths
21  Mountain

25 lands

Demigod of Revenge
Fulminator Mage
Mogg Fanatic
Sulfur Elemental

16 creatures

Dead // Gone
Flame Javelin
Lash Out
Sulfurous Blast

19 other spells

Faerie Macabre
Magus of the Moon
Molten Disaster
Razormane Masticore
Wild Ricochet

15 sideboard cards

Nicholas Jakimow
7th Place - Hawaii - Honolulu

Kevin Lowrey
8th Place - Hawaii - Honolulu

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