JSS Championship Round-up: The Magic Weekend 2006

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The 2006 Junior Super Series Championship took place alongside U.S. Nationals at The Magic Weekend - a four day convention of everything Magic. There were 220 competitors signed up to vie for $100,000 in scholarship prizes. The field was culled to everyone with a 5-4 record or better after nine rounds. After 13 rounds it was cut to the Top 8 and single elimination.

In addition to the scholarship prizes, there were trophies awarded in several different age categories. All eight players of the quarterfinalists fell into the 15 and older age category, which is also the oldest category. The last person standing at the end of elimination would take that trophy along with $10,000 in college tuition.

Sam Trejo of Austin, Texas won the 12 and under age category in 46th place overall.

Ben Beeler of San Francisco, California won the 13 year old age division in 11th place overall.

Pranay Mohan of Austin, Texas - and last year's 13-year-old division winner - won the 14-year old division this year in 16th place overall.

Top 8 Profiles

Ryan Seaver

Ryan Seaver

Age: 15

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Where did you qualify?
Vista, CA / Top 25 rating

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Black-White-Red Firemane, awful deck

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:
Not sure, I mostly play MTGO

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Basically Tron but with Gifts and Loam, because I played it at Regionals and I really liked it.

Who built your deck?

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?
Not too hot, unless I get lucky again

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
I'm special!

Keith Yackley

Keith Yackley


Hometown: Livonia, MI

Where did you qualify?
JSS Challenge in Toronto, Canada

What deck did you play when you qualified?

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:
FNM Champ

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Blue-White-Black Reanimator [Solar Flare] because it was decent vs. everything

Who built your deck?
Team RIW

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?
Zoo, Sea Stompy, Tron

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
I played a bad deck for the JSS metagame and still Top 8'd.

Jacob Gosche

Jacob Gosche

Age: 15

Hometown: Palm Harbor, IL

Where did you qualify?
Madiera Beach

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Green-Red Aggro

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:
[None listed]

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Blue-White Aggro, because I was comfortable with it

Who built your deck?

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?
Tron, Zoo

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
Playing in both Nats and JSS

Blaine Hatab

Blaine Hatab

Age: 16

Hometown: Gilmonton, NH

Where did you qualify?
New Bedford, MA

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Red-white control

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:
[None listed]

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Heartbeat, a great deck with little black-white in JSS

Who built your deck?

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?
Aggro (Blue-White, Zoo, Gruul) and Izzet/Vore

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?
Good, if I win first round

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
My sixth-round Izzetron-playing opponent is the unluckiest player ever - 4-0 then 0-5.

Stuart Benson

Stuart Benson

Age: 15

Hometown: Auburn, WA

Where did you qualify?
Seattle, WA

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Ghost Dad

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:
Top 8 Pacific Northwest Regionals

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Blue-White Aggro.

Who built your deck?
Gavin Verhy/Me

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?
Gruul, Zoo, Izzetron

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?
Very good

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
Not much, the event isn't really fun. It takes long.

Arthur Stewart

Arthur Stewart

Age: 16

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Where did you qualify?
Missoula, MT

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Angel Control

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:
Third place JSS Championships, win States and stuff

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Blue-red Magnivore, because it beats everything

Who built your deck?
A friend on Magic Online, Draccon136

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?
Tron, Solar Flare, Zoo, Black-White, Blue-Green Graft

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?
Awesome, I'm King.

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
I got a game loss or two, which was awesome because I got one last year and Top 8'd. So I get the strategic game loss while Craig Jones loses a match Day 1.

Trent Turnbull

Trent Turnbull

Age: 15

Hometown: Oakland, California

Where did you qualify? Newark, and Mountain View

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Black-white aggro and Magnivore

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
I played blue-black-white Solar Flare because I liked the way it played and it has good matchups against everything.

Who built your deck?
Pranay Mohan, James Gater and myself.

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?
Tron, Husk, Zoo, Sea Stompy, blue-black-white

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
Everyone on my team, Unknown Stars, finished in the money.

Sam Todd

Sam Todd

Age: 15

Hometown: Ringgold

Where did you qualify?
Nashville, Tennessee; Alpharetta, Georgia

What deck did you play when you qualified?
Gruul Beats, Ghost Dad

Number of times at JSS Championship?

Other previous Magic accomplishments:

What was your record on Day 1?

Day 2?

What did you play and why?
Solar Flare, because it's easy to play.

What decks were you expecting to be playing against?

What do you think of your chances in the Top 8?
Bad, I have strep throat.

Tell us a fun fact about you or the tournament this weekend:
I got second in the iPod tournament at side events.

Top 8 Decklists

Quarterfinals: Blaine Hatab (Heartbeat) vs. Stuart Benson (French Weenie)

In the first game of this match the Azorius deck got off to the expected early rush with Hound of Konda and Weathered Wayfarer. Blaine had all the cards in his hand to win but a freshly cast Azorius Guildmage was giving him fits. Blaine was able to resolve Weird Harvest. Although Stuart was able to stifle the first two attempts to transmute Drift of Phantasms, Blaine had more than enough gas to get the first game.

Stuart double mulliganed in the second game but seemed to recover nicely with a one land/Wayfarer draw. Blaine ignored the living Land Tax and calmly developed his mana with your basic assortment of Elders and Reaches. Stuart boomeranged a Mountain when Blaine began to jumpstart the engine but the cagey New Englander was playing two Mountains in his deck. He simply queued up Sakura-Tribe Elder when he Weird Harvested and had enough mana to Invoke the Firemind twice after the first one was Remanded.

Blaine Hatab defeated Stuart Benson 2 - 0

Quarterfinals: Jacob Gosche (French Weenie) vs. Keith Yackley (Solar Flare)

Jacob stumbled coming out of the gate in Game 1. Keith got to Angel of Despair - hitting a karoo - before Jacob could mount his own offense. Remand delayed the arrival of Azorius Guildmage long enough for the Angel and Kokusho to swoop in for Game 1.

It looked like Keith was going to get two easy wins as he Last Gasped an early Azorius First Wing and Ninja of the Deep Hours. Jacob had plenty more critters where they came from and was able to drop Keith to 10 by the time he found a Wrath. Jacob's Azorius Herald was nuked by Angel of Despair. The Angel drew Faith's Fetters and Jacob was able to pull the game out with Azorius First Wing and Umezawa's Jitte.

In the third game Keith had Jacob down to 2. He had two ways to play the game. He could go for the kill but was low enough that Shining Shoal could kill him instead. He decided to Wrath and bide his time but Jacob - who did not have a Shoal in hand - drew a handful of beaters after the board was swept and stole the game and the match.

Jacob Gosche defeated Keith Yackley 2-1

Quarterfinals: Sam Todd (Solar Flare) vs. Trent Turnbull (Solar Flare)

Uggh! Thankfully the match was only best two out of three. The match only went two games but they were both excruciatingly long wars of attrition. Each player had graveyards taller than their decks and few blows had been struck on either side. IN each game it was the last fattie that finally did it with Trent finding Kokusho in one game and Ink-Eyes in the other.

Trent Turnbull defeated Sam Todd 2-0


Quarterfinals: Arthur Stewart (Magnivore) vs. Ryan Seaver (Tron)

By Ross Pohling, JSS Cub Reporter

Arthur Stewart, the returning third-place JSS finisher from 2005, was ready to try again in the Top 8 for a win this time. They casually talked about what had happened in their past matches, and how they could make this one fun.

"I don't think we can draw unless you Shining Shoal me."

"Wait, no, we can Char."

"Let's try it."

Neither player had either of these cards in their decks.

Game 1

The players became serious again and Ryan won the roll. Arthur took a mulligan.

"This is awesome…so awesome," Arthur says after drawing six.

"You keeping?"


He went to 5. Ryan started with a tapped Breeding Pool and Arthur opened with a Sleight of Hand. Ryan got two signets, but Arthur saw Boomerang and Eye of Nowhere targeting dual lands on his second and third turns. On turn five, Arthur played an Eye of Nowhere and a Stone Rain, but Ryan is able to Electrolyze, with still several lands and two signets out. Ryan finally got to seven mana sources after three turns of Arthur playing nothing. Ryan played a Simic Sky Swallower, and the game looked like its done.

The next turn Arthur played Tidings and Sleight of Hand, but had to pass and let Ryan get a hit with the Swallower. The turn after, Arthur plays a Magnivore, but knew that it was not enough so he scooped.

Game 2

Arthur kept a hand with three Compulsive Researches, a Demolish and three lands. The players spent the first few turns setting up their mana. Arthur went on the offensive with a Demolish on an Urza's land, and Ryan played another Signet. Arthur looked upset, but cast his second Compulsive Research, this time discarding Keiga and Tidings.

Ryan cast a Research of his own, and had three Signets out. Ryan's second Compulsive Research saw a Mana Leak. Arthur played an Eye of Nowhere and Stone Rain, but Ryan kept six mana sources. Arthur, however, resolved Sowing Salt on Urza's Tower, ending all of Ryan's 'Tron plans.

Arthur then found out that Ryan only plays three Urza's Mine because of Gifts Ungiven and Life From the Loam.

Arthur looked very happy as he cast a 9/9 Magnivore that resolved, and hit for big damage.

Ryan had no plays. As another Compulsive Research hit the graveyard for Arthur, that gave him enough sorceries in his bin for a 'Vore win.

Game 3

"Mulligan?" Arthur asked.

Ryan took one look and shuffled it back.

"Please mulligan again, make it easier on me," Arthur pleaded once more.

Ryan did exactly that, taking another mulligan. Arthur kept a hand with one land and a Sleight of Hand.

He got two Islands by turn two, and Boomerangs an Urza's land, which got Remanded, but Stone Rain and Compulsive Research discarding Eye of Nowhere and Tidings resolve over the next two turns. All that left Ryan with one land.

Ryan drew his second land, but his Signet was Mana Leaked, and his land is Demolished. Ryan's last land was removed with Sowing Salt, and Ryan scooped, ending the match.

Arthur Stewart wins 2-1.

There were plenty of JSS stars from the past milling about to see what the new kids were up to. I spotted Kyle Goodman looking a tad wistful before the quarters and jokingly asked him if he missed the Juniors side of the tournament hall.

"Kinda," he admitted with a smile.

Brett Blackman made the Top 8 of last year's event but seemed committed to advancing to the Pro ranks like Kyle. Despite still being very much in contention for some prize money, Brett dropped from the event with three rounds to play in order to PTQ for Kobe. Last we checked he was out to a 4-0 start with what he deemed a sup-par deck.

Last year's finalist, Jason Rosselini was hanging out along the rail to support Arthur Stewart. Jason has since qualified for Prague - although he could not attend the event due to school commitments - and also finished 14th in this year's National Championship. He is hoping that will get him close enough on rating to earn an invite to Worlds as well.

Semifinals: Blaine Hatab (Heartbeat) vs. Trent Turnbull (Solar Flare)

Blaine loved his matchup in the semifinals, having 4-0'd this archetype in the Swiss. In fact, the rise of the Solar Flare deck on MTGO was what led him to audible into Heartbeat only last week. His version of the deck has two copies of Invoke the Firemind and two Mountains instead of splitting up the threats. He had a little something special in mind in case he got Extracted.

Despite his positive outlook, Blaine fell in the first game when he could not defend his hand from Persecute. Yosei and Miren the Moaning Well were enough to maker that hole too deep to climb out from although he easily took the second game while I was checking on the other semifinal match.

In the third game it came down to sideboard cards. Blaine had to play around Ghost-Lit Stalker while Trent was somewhat hampered by Blood Moon. Blaine decided to go for the win only to have his Heartbeat of Spring Mortified when he attempted to Early Harvest. Trent untapped to resolve Cranial Extraction naming Early Harvest and it looked like Solar Flare was heading to the finals.

Blaine - who had a grip full of Drifts and Elders - still had some tricks up his sleeve though and transmuted Muddle the Mixture for Research // Development. He shuffled the Harvests back and cashed the defenders in for Heartbeat, Harvest, and his kill card.

Blaine Hatab defeated Trent Turnbull 2-1

Semifinals: Arthur Stewart (Vore) vs. Jacob Gosche (French Weenie)

"I think I am going to need more kiseki," sighed Arthur as he sat down for his match with Jacob. I watched Arthur play against Gavin Verhey in the next to last round of the Swiss. The matchup was the same as the one against his semi's opponent. Referring to Kaji's quote prior to the Charleston finals, Arthur claimed he needed a miracle to win this pairing.

One small problem… Arthur had already invoked "Kiseki" when he played Gavin. The win allowed him to draw his final round and assure back-to-back Top 8 appearances in the Championships. Would it work twice?

Jacob came out with First Wing on the second turn and Arthur Boomeranged it to buy some time. The two players traded cards one for one in a flurry of critters, removal, and land destruction before Arthur stabilized at four life. A deadly Magnivore devoured a steady stream of chump blockers before the well ran dry and Arthur took Game 1.

Arthur kept a shaky hand on the draw, largely due to some Sleight of Hand. He liked what he saw off the one mana sorcery and declared "I am a master." Arthur then proceeded to Remand, Boomerang, and RepealAzorius Herald while his deck also dug for cards. "You can have as much life as you like!"

Jacob managed to get Paladin En-Vec - no doubt the cause of Arthur's consternation about the matchup - and 8.5 Tails into play. He only had two white sources and Arthur was able to buy a couple more turns by Repealing both of them.

Jacob chump blocked Magnivore to trigger his Promise of Bunrei. He then replayed 8.5 Tails and Paladin. Arthur Wildfired and Jacob made the spell white to save his legend. The only problem with that plan is that the Paladin does not have protection from that color. One Keiga later, Arthur was on his way to the Finals.

Finals: Blaine Hatab (Heartbeat) vs. Arthur Stewart (Vore)

Blaine was afraid of this matchup. Throughout the Top 8 he had been keeping a wary eye on Arthur's progress. Both players had been playing very well throughout the Top 8 and Arthur was equally cautious about his foe.

"Blaine is scary," admitted Arthur with a cocky grin. "But I am good at Magic."

Game 1

Blaine won the coin flip, which was essential to his survival in this match. He played a turn two Sakura Tribe Elder. Even as Arthur Boomeranged a land he looked dejected. "You have Kodama's Reach…obvs."

Actually, he had three Kodama's Reaches. Despite another Boomerang, as well as a Stone Rain, Blaine had a ridiculous mana advantage. "You drew three Reaches? Are you a king?"

Blaine made a tentative attempt to go off but fell short when his Harvest was Mana Leaked.

"Do you play Recollect?" mused Arthur as he Stone Rained the Mountain. "Do you play two Mountains?"

When Blaine's Weird Harvest included Sakura-Tribe Elder, Arthur attempted to save both of them some time. "Just show me the Mountain in your deck and I will concede. I have nothing in my hand."

Blaine obliged and they both reached for their sideboards.

"That draw was ridiculous," marveled Arthur.

"It was pretty good against you," conceded Blaine. "Against anyone else it might have been 'eh' but against you it was the nuts."

Game 2

Blaine flipped through his board and ultimately sided in Meloku and a secret card. Arthur made no secret about his own plan. "I would just like to announce that I am siding in more counters."

Arthur almost had a textbook Vore draw with Sleight of Hand, Boomerang (I said, 'almost'), and Stone Rain. The only problem was that he had no follow-up. Meanwhile, Blaine had transmuted for Life from the Loam. Arthur was scared that the game would slip away from him and wondered aloud where Magnivore was while he was casting Tidings and Sleight of Hand - how far away could it be?

Not far at all.

Game 3

"I need a good draw," chanted Arthur. "No Reach, no Elders, no counters…"

"So what you really mean is you need me NOT to have a good draw."

Arthur shrugged, "Okay."

That's pretty much how it worked out. Blaine mulliganed his first set of seven and found himself fighting through Stone Rain and Eye of Nowhere. Somehow he managed to Top, Elder, and Reach his way to five lands and played Meloku.

Arthur, who had been digging through his deck, eyed his Boseiju and Wildfire. "I have a prediction… I am going to be the JSS Champion!"

One uncounterable Wildfire later, he was right.

Congratulations to the 2006 Junior Super Series Champion Arthur Stewart. Arthur won $10,000 in scholarship prizes and also took the trophy for the highest finisher in the 15 and older division.

Final Standings After 13 Rounds of Swiss

Rank Player Points OMW%
1 Gosche, Jacob [FIN] 32 64.2669%
2 Benson, Stuart [FIN] 32 61.9297%
3 todd, samuel [FIN] 31 61.7982%
4 Stewart, Arthur C [FIN] 31 61.5960%
5 Seaver, Ryan G [FIN] 30 65.7397%
6 Turnbull, Trent J [FIN] 30 61.9001%
7 Hatab, Blaine [FIN] 30 58.8429%
8 yackley, keith d [FIN] 30 57.6759%
9 Cox, Benjamin [FIN] 30 55.0762%
10 Ostergaard, Henrik [FIN] 28 57.5499%
11 Beeler, Ben [THA] 28 56.0952%
12 Swartz, Ben A [FIN] 27 62.7027%
13 Verhey, Gavin S [FIN] 27 61.5533%
14 Glickenhaus, Josh [FIN] 27 61.0902%
15 Poverelli, Greg [FIN] 27 60.0263%
16 Mohan, Pranay [FRO] 27 58.6337%
17 Nickolai, Matt [FRO] 27 57.4841%
18 Manfield, Seth [FIN] 27 57.4458%
19 Mishra, Jake U [FIN] 27 57.4174%
20 Armstrong, Timothy M [FIN] 27 55.2268%
21 Marsh, Jonathan [FIN] 27 54.2829%
22 Farquhar, James [FIN] 27 52.8318%
23 Hawkins, Jesse A [FIN] 27 52.7043%
24 Calarco, Ricky [FIN] 27 51.1029%
25 Izzo, Anthony M [FIN] 27 48.4632%
26 Berkenbile, Sam [FIN] 26 62.1302%
27 Abalos, Sam [FIN] 25 54.4379%
28 Holzman, Stephen [FIN] 25 47.8632%
29 Forsythe, Matt [THA] 25 47.2387%
30 pascual, Dylan [FIN] 24 63.6423%
31 Coale, Hunter [FIN] 24 63.2269%
32 Toussaint, Francis [FRO] 24 62.8534%
33 Hemwall, Taylor A [FIN] 24 59.0939%
34 domzil, mark [FRO] 24 58.2731%
35 Lorash, Chad R [FIN] 24 57.5242%
36 Raflowitz, Taylor [FIN] 24 57.4951%
37 Zhang, Tony R [FIN] 24 57.2452%
38 Raczka, David [FIN] 24 56.8266%
39 Lax, Ari M [FIN] 24 56.7390%
40 younger, pat [FRO] 24 55.1073%
41 phraner, Ryan J [FIN] 24 53.9037%
42 Homan, Cory [FRO] 24 53.0161%
43 Winters, John [FRO] 24 52.2295%
44 Malman, Dave A [FIN] 24 52.0180%
45 winn, tyler [FIN] 24 51.8951%
46 Trejo, Sam [TWN] 24 51.7303%
47 Berse, Sam [FRO] 24 51.1697%
48 Sieverding, Tom [FIN] 24 50.6291%
49 Setlak, Austin [THA] 24 49.9726%
50 Moore, Grayson [FRO] 24 49.6521%
51 Delossantos, Julian L [FIN] 24 49.1535%
52 Hetrick, Michael [FIN] 24 45.7249%
53 Liu, Cory [FIN] 23 56.0651%
54 Rao, Amar C [FIN] 22 54.1913%
55 Ullmann, Connor [THA] 22 52.9576%
56 Chen, Peter [FIN] 22 45.5293%
57 Collins, Sean A [FIN] 22 44.6581%
58 Copowycz, Alex [THA] 21 66.4352%
59 Sondike, Daniel [FIN] 21 63.0917%
60 Fay, Dylan [FIN] 21 56.6404%
61 ullman, joey [FRO] 21 55.7655%
62 Adly, Kirolos M [FIN] 21 54.0290%
63 Rudd, Shawn [FRO] 21 54.0105%
64 Wilyer, Aaron [FIN] 21 53.5055%
65 Reyes, Rommel E [FIN] 21 52.5619%
66 Guilbault, Kelvin [FIN] 21 52.2600%
67 Robertson, Erik [FIN] 21 52.0464%
68 warra, Jeff M [FIN] 21 51.4464%
69 Curren, Chris C [FIN] 21 51.3444%
70 Koren, Alex W [FIN] 21 51.2283%
71 Sidher, Ricky [FRO] 21 50.4027%
72 Tietze, Harrison G [FIN] 21 50.0100%
73 Glaeser, Greg [FRO] 21 48.8469%
74 Wilson, DonLee [FRO] 21 48.7536%
75 Butler, Jessie [FIN] 21 46.0343%
76 Wadsack-stewart, Patri [TWN] 21 45.3240%
77 Moder*, Chris [FIN] 20 54.3612%
78 Tapal, Abbas [FRO] 19 51.3396%
79 Battat, Ben R [FIN] 19 48.4303%
80 Burns, Nick W [THA] 19 48.2889%
81 Rogers, Christopher [FIN] 19 45.2608%
82 Moran, Joseph [FIN] 18 66.6667%
83 Blackman, Brett [FIN] 18 61.9722%
84 Eslami, Curtis D [FIN] 18 61.0652%
85 Flagstad, Kyle F [FRO] 18 56.8212%
86 Grunst, Karl R [FIN] 18 53.9328%
87 Williger, Max [FIN] 18 53.4550%
88 Gianas, Nick K [FIN] 18 52.8935%
89 Whitman, Chris [FRO] 18 51.0417%
90 Shirek, David [THA] 18 51.0251%
91 Saypoff, Mathew [FIN] 18 48.9198%
92 shirek, cameron [FRO] 18 48.3481%
93 Wang, Tian Yi [FIN] 18 48.1838%
94 Hadayia, John [FIN] 18 48.1755%
95 Polyakov, Alexander [FRO] 16 48.8385%
96 Dunnewold, Sam [FIN] 15 54.5148%
97 Skarren, Frank [FIN] 15 54.2222%
98 Nezin, Alec M [FIN] 15 52.7778%
99 Bailey, Jake B [FIN] 15 51.6667%
100 Kirkpatrick, Carson [FRO] 15 51.6481%
101 Fortner, Phillip A [FIN] 15 48.0372%
102 Papracki, Ryan [FRO] 15 47.2994%
103 Yeary, Justin M [FIN] 14 50.2205%
104 Gfroerer, Alex [FIN] 13 59.4136%
105 Schneider, Brian [FIN] 13 52.6749%
106 Wernette-Leff, Leonard [FIN] 13 50.4262%
107 Pendleton, Adam [FRO] 12 62.5000%
108 Garmon, Andrew [FIN] 12 58.4362%
109 Hom, Jonathan E [FRO] 12 58.2598%
110 Klinstiver, Peter J [FIN] 12 58.0247%
111 Benson, Jordan [TWN] 12 56.7901%
112 Sandler, Josh [FIN] 12 55.3792%
113 Reynolds, Arthur R [FIN] 12 54.7325%
114 Bieber-Tremblay, Paul [FIN] 12 53.8272%
115 Dumanski, Drew P [FIN] 12 53.4979%
116 Carter, Michael [FIN] 12 52.7263%
117 Dassler, Matt E [FIN] 12 52.7263%
118 Dassler, Nick [FIN] 12 51.9033%
119 Garosshen, Scott [FIN] 12 51.8519%
120 McDonald, Matthew [FRO] 12 51.8519%
121 Hodge, James R [FIN] 12 50.8745%
122 Chasan, Zev [FIN] 12 50.6173%
123 ross, jeremy r [FIN] 12 50.3086%
124 McCourt, Ethan M [FIN] 12 50.3086%
125 Miller, Nolan [FRO] 12 49.9486%
126 Jacobson, Mark [FIN] 12 49.8457%
127 zapp, joe r [FIN] 12 49.4342%
128 Reiss, Spencer [FRO] 12 48.6111%
129 Copeland, Chris N [FIN] 12 48.6111%
130 Hampton, Luke E [FIN] 12 48.4347%
131 Jarman, Logan [FIN] 12 48.1481%
132 Jimenez, Cristian J [FRO] 12 47.3765%
133 Hallberg, Josh [FRO] 12 46.7593%
134 Rhatigan, Jared [FRO] 12 46.1420%
135 Jarman, Dillon M [FRO] 12 46.0905%
136 Smith, Aaron [FIN] 12 45.5026%
137 Valenti, Christian [FIN] 12 44.5473%
138 Shan, Stephen [TWN] 12 43.6214%
139 Eason, Brian L [THA] 12 43.6214%
140 Bederka, Alan [FIN] 10 54.1667%
141 Nourain, Kiyan [FRO] 10 53.9095%
142 Miyashiro, Travis [THA] 10 53.6458%
143 Kronenberger*, chris s [FRO] 10 51.5625%
144 Sahebjam, David R [FIN] 10 46.6049%
145 Cox*, Tyler [THA] 10 46.3542%
146 Davis, Brandon J [FIN] 10 41.1523%
147 Mcdonald, Justin [FIN] 10 34.2740%
148 clark, andrew C [FIN] 9 61.2500%
149 Nigam, Armaan [FRO] 9 59.8639%
150 Schmidt, Jed [FIN] 9 57.8125%
151 Pohling, Ross [FIN] 9 54.6875%
152 Wadsack-Stewart, Jorda [FRO] 9 53.6458%
153 Dorgan, Kyle [FIN] 9 53.4979%
154 Frink, Jimmy [FIN] 9 53.1250%
155 Gerlock, Max S [THA] 9 52.6042%
156 Riddle, Blake [FRO] 9 51.0417%
157 Salinas, Merced [FIN] 9 49.8971%
158 Lind, Levi [FIN] 9 49.4792%
159 Peel, Scott M [FRO] 9 49.0741%
160 Phi, Lucas [FIN] 9 48.9583%
161 Bergschneider, Drew [FRO] 9 48.1481%
162 Metzel, Joey A [FIN] 9 47.6190%
163 Militti, Joey M [TWN] 9 46.0905%
164 Burns, Ross [FIN] 9 43.2099%
165 Zdrojewski, Ian A [FIN] 9 42.8498%
166 Pohling, Michael [THA] 9 42.7083%
167 Verhey, Tanner [THA] 9 42.4383%
168 Sondike, Jeffrey [TWN] 9 42.1875%
169 Horton, Josh P [FIN] 9 40.7407%
170 Bladen, James T [FIN] 9 39.9177%
171 Batt, Travis [THA] 9 39.5833%
172 Scepura, Matt [FRO] 9 39.4097%
173 Amburgey, Brad [FIN] 9 37.8601%
174 Campbell, Kevin [FIN] 8 44.8980%
175 Leader, D J [FIN] 7 51.7007%
176 Garrett, Joe [FRO] 7 50.3401%
177 pederson, michael w [FIN] 6 57.1429%
178 Miller, Steven [FIN] 6 53.7415%
179 Garmon, Daniel [THA] 6 53.3333%
180 bramer, james [FRO] 6 53.3333%
181 Findlay-Abitbol, James [FIN] 6 50.3401%
182 Lavigueur, Mathew [FIN] 6 49.6599%
183 Lingelbach, Chase [FIN] 6 49.6599%
184 Lingelbach, Cody a [FRO] 6 49.4792%
185 Coleman, Terry [FIN] 6 48.4375%
186 Walsh, Max [FIN] 6 48.2993%
187 Sweetnam, Cameron [FIN] 6 48.2993%
188 River, Jesse b [FIN] 6 48.2993%
189 baumeister, corey [FIN] 6 48.1481%
190 Paradowski, Andrew [FRO] 6 46.2963%
191 Ayers, John R [FIN] 6 44.2177%
192 Clinton, Jaron [TWN] 6 44.2177%
193 Sanders, Taylor [FIN] 6 44.0329%
194 Schoppe, Chris [FRO] 6 43.5374%
195 Cunningham, Seth [FIN] 6 41.4966%
196 McFarland, Thomas [FIN] 6 40.8163%
197 Allen, Jason [FIN] 6 36.2269%
198 Franklin, Michael [FRO] 5 60.1852%
199 Hecht, Asher M [FIN] 4 57.3333%
200 Strommen, Benjamin R [FIN] 4 45.1701%
201 Wagner, Jeff [TWN] 4 39.8148%
202 Sarosy, Adam [FIN] 3 68.7500%
203 walters, nick [FIN] 3 58.3333%
204 Brown, Emily [FIN] 3 53.8889%
205 Patterson, Luke [FRO] 3 52.7778%
206 Willis, Brandon [FIN] 3 52.0000%
207 Dracoulis, Garth [FIN] 3 47.2222%
208 Staton, Mike J [FIN] 3 46.6667%
209 Schneider, Eli [FRO] 3 44.4444%
210 frydman, jake [FRO] 3 41.6667%
211 Griffith, Jeremy [FIN] 3 41.6667%
212 Mirowski, Alexander J [FIN] 3 39.4558%
213 BROWN, JOSH [FIN] 2 39.8148%
214 Turner, Jay [TWN] 1 41.6667%
215 Miller, Jackson [FRO] 1 35.4167%
216 Farthing, Piers H [THA] 0 44.0000%
217 Rocha, Keegan [FRO] 0 41.6667%
218 Sukenik, Jonathan [FRO] 0 40.0000%
219 Loukides, matthew D [FIN] 0 40.0000%
220 Rudolph, Willie [FIN] 0 36.7347%

Blaine Hatab, 2nd (15+)
Jacob Gosche, 3rd (15+)
Trent Turnbull 4th (15+)
Pranay Mohan 14yo Division Champion (16th overall)
Ben Beeler 13yo Division Champion (11th overall)
Sam Trejo 12yo- Division Champion (46th overall)
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