2004 World Championships

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Ukraaaaaaaine! Led by Sergey Kuznetsov (9-3) and Yuri Kolomeyko (8-3-1), the Ukraine National team has vaulted itself to the top of the standings with a near perfect 8-1 record on Day 2. There's hardly any breathing room, with Japan, Finland, South Korea, The Netherlands, and Belgium all with 22 wins between their respective players.

Although 20th place might seem far off the lead, the Canadian team is only 10 points (roughly three match wins) behind the front-running Ukraine team. No team has managed better than the 22-13-1 that the Ukrainians have posted, which means that there's not a lot of room between the top teams.

In the individual race, Kamiel Cornelissen managed a perfect draft day and has a commanding lead as the only player at 11-1. He should only need 2-3-1 tomorrow to make Top 8. Behind him sits Aeo Paquette, who made Top 8 at Pro Tour-Amsterdam and is now in great position at 10-2 at Worlds. Those are some highly impressive results for such a new player. Antoine Ruel, Craig Krempels, Manuel Bevand, and Julien Nuijten are also poised to make the final day with matching 10-2 records.

On Friday, players will bring their Mirrodin Block decks to the table. Ravager Affinity has been lauded for months as the top deck, but it's also the deck with the biggest bullseye on its forehead. Will the plentiful artifact removal be enough, or will Affinity decks rise to the top? Will a Tooth-and-Nail deck win Block as it did in Standard? Only Friday will hold the answers.

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