2004 World Championships Decklists

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Ben Rubin won the Limited portion of Worlds with his amazing 6-0 record. He drafted black-red to finish off the day undefeated, one of six players to accomplish that feat. Kamiel Cornelissen drafted green-white-red and then white-blue to achieve his 6-0 record. He is also leading the overall standing with 33 points.

Joining them were Nomer Conrad Sison, Julien Nuijten and Jordan Berkowitz, all of whom had red as at least one of their colors in the second draft. Elton Fior went 6-0 as well, drafting green-white in the second draft of the day.

Now the players look toward Mirrodin Block Constructed to determine who will achieve Top 8 of the 2004 Worlds Championships.

Here's a look at the decklists from both drafts for the six undefeated drafters.

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