2004 World Championships

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Ahh, Saturday. All of the players not on National teams got to sleep in this morning, but that doesn't mean there isn't excitement to be had. Gabriel Nassif has taken over the Player-of-the-Year race from Nicolai Herzog, but he hasn't wrapped it up yet. Kamiel Cornelissen still has an outside shot at displacing the Frenchman.

However, the Rookie-of-the-Year race is wide open, with points leader Alexandre Peset still competing in the teams competition, as well as Top 8 competitors Julien Nuijten and Aeo Paquette. Though Nuijten has the most ground to make up, he is also part of the Dutch National team, so he has more available points in play.

Speaking of the National teams, there is more than $200,000 up for grabs in the team competition Saturday. The French have the lead to start the day, but they are closely trailed by Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, and there are a host of nations not far behind.

Last but not least, we get to see if Nassif can cement the first step in an unprecedented Magic trifecta. If Nassif wins the teams competition and then the main event Sunday, he will become the first Magic player to take home the Team title, the World Championship, and be named the Player of the Year. Check back all day for updates on all the exciting action.

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