2004 World Championships

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The stage is set. Germany will face Belgium in the team finals, though they had to dispatch a very strong Japanese team to make it there.

This is the third time they have made the final team draft, though the only title they took home was with some fellow named "Kai" on the team. Belgium came out of nowhere on the weekend, but showed that their individual performances were not a fluke by going 3-1 in the draft portion, beating Denmark to seal a Sunday appearance.

In the individual competition, so far youth has prevailed with the average age of Top 8 competitors falling below the 20-year mark. The Top 8 competitors will face off with a variety of archetypes Sunday, including Manuel Bevand's Krark-Clan Ironworks and Terry Soh's old school green-white-splash red Astral Slide deck. Yes, there are Affinity decks, too.

Can Kamiel Cornelissen win back-to-back Pro Tours? Gabriel Nassif has already locked up the Player of the Year -- will he add the title of World Champion? Tune into our webcast Sunday at 9 a.m. Pacific time, when we will answer all these questions and more with live coverage, giving you blow-by-blow action of everything from Sunday's event. Be there!

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