2004 World Championships Feature

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The letter M!mmm, numbers. Going into the day, there was some concern that the Standard format would be as boring as Block has become, but such was not the case. No fewer than 25 distinct archetypes saw play in Day 1. Looking at the results, Big Red is leading the results for decks that saw heavier play, followed by Goblins, Tooth and Nail, and green-white Slide. The Death Cloud decks also fared well on the day, showing that the newest Pox may actually be underrepresented for its power in the current metagame.

The fear that Affinity would dominate this format like it has dominated Block have been assuaged, as "the most powerful mechanic ever created" only managed to post a substandard 8.72 Points average. That slightly below-average number was considerably better than the numbers posted by blue-white control and the blatantly awful blue-red March of the Machines deck. Kai and the TOGIT crew clearly chose poorly when picking a deck for Standard, a fact realized by many players of the deck as early as round 1.

ArchetypePlayersAvg Points
Rift Slide115
Krark-Clan Desire112
U/W March of the Machines212
Big Red510.8
U/B Death Cloud210.5
G/R Land Destruction310
Tooth and Nail359.06
G/W Slide259.04
Archmage Combo19
B/R Rogue Death Cloud19
G/R Beasts 19
Mind's Desire19
Mono-Black Death Cloud39
Krark-Clan Ironworks128.75
Goblin Bidding88.25
Mono-Red Land Destruction88.25
U/W Control388.05
Mantle Affinity38
Mono-White Control27.5
U/R March of the Machines197.33
G/W Control26
G/R/u Rogue13
G/U March of the Machines10

Häyrynen, Andrei ™ [FIN]18AffinityWelding Jar + Pyrite Spellbomb
Ruel, Antoine [FRA]18Big Red
Carvalho, Bruno ™ [CHE]18G/W Slide
Bevand, Manuel [FRA]18Krark-Clan Ironworks
Zorc, Sasha ™ [HRV]18Tooth and Nail
Chua, Chang ™ [SGP]15AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Cornelissen, Kamiel [NLD]15Affinity
Gulinski, Sebastian ™ [POL]15Affinity
Hölzl, Christoph [DEU]15AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Kuznetsov, Sergey ™ [UKR]15Affinity
Paquette, Aeo [CAN]15AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Mueller, Andre [DEU]15G/W Slide
Ruel, Olivier ™ [FRA]15G/W Slide
Jensen, William [USA]15Goblins
Parker, Brock [USA]15Goblins
Schmaltz, Matt [USA]15GoblinsMolten Rain Main
Choi, Won Suk ™ [KOR]15Mono-Red Land Destruction
Fujita, Tsuyoshi ™ [JPN]15Mono-Red Land Destruction
Soh, Terry Han Chuen ™ [MYS]15Rift Slide
Ikeda, Tsuyoshi [JPN]15Tooth and Nail
Skampa, Jan ™ [CZE]15Tooth and Nail
Lo Moro, Raffaele [ITA]15U/B Death Cloud
Blume, Marco [DEU]15U/R March of the Machines
Dam, Lars ™ [DNK]15U/R March of the Machines
Fabiano, Gerard [USA]15U/R March of the Machines
Krempels, Craig ™ [USA]15U/R March of the Machines
Burn, Seth [USA]15U/W Control
Mori, Katsuhiro [JPN]15U/W Control
Nassif, Gabriel Lillia [FRA]15U/W Control
Villarraga, Junes ™ [COL]15U/W March of the Machines
Sagol, Omar ™ [ESP]14AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Tomse, Jakob [SVN]13Tooth and Nail
Horvath, Adam [USA]13U/R March of the Machines
Osterberg, Rickard [NOR]13U/W Control
Romão, Carlos [BRA]13U/W Control
Au Yong, Wai Kin ™ [MYS]12AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Moriok Rigger
Chiera, Luca [ITA]12Affinity
Coeckelbergh, Gert [BEL]12Affinity
Einarsson, Guðbjörn [ISL]12AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Evans, Murray ™ [CAN]12AffinitySomber Hoverguard, Mana Leak, Night's Whisper, Chrome Mox
Finkel, Jon [USA]12Affinity
Karsten, Frank [NLD]12Affinity
Kaskel, Brent [USA]12Affinity
Lehtinen, MaX ™ [FIN]12AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Lemoine, Vincent ™ [BEL]12AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Linnemann, Russell [USA]12AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Maaten, Rogier ™ [NLD]12Affinity
Maher, Robert [USA]12Affinity
Morita, Masahiko [JPN]12Affinity
Nai, Enrico [ITA]12Affinity
Nakamura, Shuuhei ™ [JPN]12Affinity
Nam, Kkyoung Geun ™ [KOR]12Affinity
Rietzl, Paul [USA]12Affinity
Rivera, Mark Gerard ™ [PHL]12Affinity
Ruo Ji, Tan [SGP]12AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Siron, Geoffrey ™ [BEL]12AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Sosa, Abraham [MEX]12Affinity
Swannack, Cole [NZL]12AffinityPyrite + Scale of Chiss-Goria
Walls, Gabe [USA]12Affinity
Zhang, Shu Nu ™ [CHN]12AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Night's Whispers
Zink, Daniel [DEU]12AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Zink, Sebastian ™ [DEU]12AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Baudys, Ondrej ™ [CZE]12G/R Land Destruction
Hoaen, Richard [CAN]12G/W Slide
Levy, Raphael [FRA]12G/W Slide
Maia, Dinis [PRT]12G/W Slide
Mowshowitz, Zvi [USA]12G/W Slide
Nuijten, Julien ™ [NLD]12G/W Slide
Obradovic, Vladimir ™ [YUG]12G/W Slide
Zoz, Ben ™ [USA]12G/W Slide
Bertiou, Simon ™ [GRC]12Goblin Bidding
Foteinakis, Dimitris ™ [GRC]12Goblin Bidding
Areliusarson, Arelius [ISL]12Goblins
Asahara, Akira [JPN]12Goblins
Barbero, Jose [FRA]12GoblinsSeething Song + Arc-Slogger
Bornarel, Nicolas [FRA]12GoblinsSeething Song + Arc-Slogger
Dominguez Roldan, Fern [MEX]12Goblins
Hwang, Wen Jien [TWN]12Goblins
Leong, Ding Yuen ™ [SGP]12Goblins
Ogura, Ryo [JPN]12Goblins
Rodamilans, Enric ™ [MEX]12Goblins
Gomersall, Sam [ENG]12Krark-Clan Desire
Boura, Evzen ™ [CZE]12Krark-Clan Ironworks
Ho, Ken [USA]12Krark-Clan Ironworks
Summersberger, Helmut [AUT]12Krark-Clan IronworksFireball
Barbosa, Osvaldo ™ [BRA]12Tooth and Nail
Greiers, Maris ™ [LVA]12Tooth and Nail
Kiwanont, Sukhum ™ [THA]12Tooth and Nail
Lee, Sang-ryeol [KOR]12Tooth and Nail
Dato, Federico [ITA]12U/R March of the Machines
Harding, Conor ™ [IRL]12U/R March of the Machines
Castro, Rodrigo Cesar [BRA]12U/W Control
Crnobori, Lovre [NOR]12U/W Control
Domaszewski, Krzysztof [POL]12U/W Control
Herzog, Nicolai [NOR]12U/W Control
Jonsson, Anton ™ [SWE]12U/W Control
Kornis, Tamás ™ [HUN]12U/W Control
Rosa, Paulo [BRA]12U/W Control
Tanaka, Hisaya [JPN]12U/W Control
Zunko, Bojan ™ [SVN]12U/W Control
Kato, Eiho [JPN]10Affinity
Kolomeyko, Yuri ™ [UKR]10AffinityNight's Whisper + Pyrite
Mifsud Tommasi, Patric [MLT]10Goblins
Shimura, Ichiro [JPN]10Goblins
Peleg, Uri ™ [ISR]10Tooth and Nail
Harvey, Eugene [USA]10U/R March of the Machines
Motta, Pedro [BRA]10U/W Control
Alcaraz, Aniol ™ [ESP]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Bakirov, Roustam ™ [RUS]9AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Blech, Reinhard [DEU]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Chapman, David ™ [SCO]9Affinity
De Rosa, Antonino [USA]9Affinity
Egloff, Lukas [CHE]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Fior, Daniel ™ [VEN]9AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Fior, Elton ™ [BRA]9Affinity
Godinez Estrada, Gerar [MEX]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Heidemann, Martin [DEU]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Hoelzel, Reinhard ™ [AUT]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Lin, Yi Jie ™ [TWN]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Markovsky, Greg ™ [ISR]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Night's Whispers
Menard, Antoine [FRA]9Affinity
Mizutani, Naoki [JPN]9AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Postlethwait, William [USA]9Affinity
Rafael, Miguel ™ [ARG]9Affinity
Ramos, Luis ™ [MEX]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Rohner, Adriano ™ [ESP]9Affinity
Romans, Greg ™ [AUS]9Affinity
Tsai, Min-ta ™ [TWN]9AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Daversa, Daniele ™ [VEN]9Archmage Combo
Ibamoto, Masami [JPN]9B/R Rogue Death Cloud
Martins, Sergio ™ [BRA]9Big Red
Paravano, Marco ™ [ZAF]9Big Red
Reaubourg, Damien [FRA]9Big Red
Shvartsman, Alex [USA]9Big Red
Peset, Alexandre ™ [FRA]9G/R Beasts
Jardine, Julian [SCO]9G/R Land Destruction
Kocsis, Gabor ™ [HUN]9G/R Land Destruction
Gatt, Patrick [MLT]9G/W Control
Deng, Jun ™ [CHN]9G/W Slide
Oiso, Masashi [JPN]9G/W Slide
Ramos Da Fonseca, Dils [BEL]9G/W Slide
Sharma, Arun [USA]9G/W Slide
Snepvangers, Bram [NLD]9G/W Slide
Cec, Filip ™ [HRV]9Goblin Bidding
Gomez, Joiman ™ [COL]9Goblin Bidding
Baussaron, Pierre [FRA]9GoblinsSeething Song + Arc-Slogger
Chapela, Gustavo [MEX]9GoblinsMolten Rain Main
Ishida, Itaru [JPN]9Goblins
Kaji, Tomohiro [JPN]9Goblins
Osawa, Takuya [JPN]9Goblins
Pace Asciak, Fabian [MLT]9Goblins
Rigby, Neil ™ [ENG]9Goblins
Stroh, Brian [USA]9Goblins
Twiefel, Torben ™ [USA]9Goblins
Washington, Thomas ™ [WAL]9Goblins
Williams, David [USA]9Goblins
Floch, Ivan ™ [SVK]9Krark-Clan Ironworks
McCarrel, Casey [USA]9Krark-Clan Ironworks
Melgar, Jorge [PER]9Krark-Clan Ironworks
Stark, Ben [USA]9Mantle Affinity
Verrier, Diarmuid ™ [IRL]9Mantle Affinity
Canavesi, Emanuele [ITA]9Mind's Desire
Cirigliano, Matteo [ITA]9Mono-Black Death Cloud
Mortensen, Allan [DNK]9Mono-Black Death Cloud
Nadebaum, Chris ™ [AUS]9Mono-Black Death Cloud
Danko, Jozef ™ [SVK]9Mono-Red Land Destruction
Rajacic, Nikola ™ [YUG]9Mono-Red Land Destruction
Middleton, Gareth [NIR]9Mono-White Control
Andreasen, Dennis ™ [DNK]9Tooth and Nail
Carlsson, Simon ™ [SWE]9Tooth and Nail
Cunningham, Jeff [CAN]9Tooth and Nail
Dong, Zhong ™ [CHN]9Tooth and Nail
Jedlicka, Stefan ™ [AUT]9Tooth and Nail
Kröger, Peer [DEU]9Tooth and Nail
Li, Jie [CHN]9Tooth and Nail
Okamoto, Jin [JPN]9Tooth and Nail
Parot, Ignacio ™ [CHL]9Tooth and Nail
Petric Maretic, Grgur [HRV]9Tooth and Nail
Polasek, Filip [SVK]9Tooth and Nail
Stanicic, Ognjen ™ [HRV]9Tooth and Nail
Teeradechsakul, Teerac [THA]9Tooth and Nail
Thicke, Michael ™ [CAN]9Tooth and Nail
Willis, Paul ™ [ENG]9Tooth and Nail
Boll, Søren ™ [DNK]9U/R March of the Machines
Sonne, Jonathan [USA]9U/R March of the Machines
Timonen, Jussi ™ [FIN]9U/R March of the Machines
Urziceanu, Valentin [ROU]9U/R March of the Machines
Bohny, Nico ™ [CHE]9U/W Control
Bollati, Matias ™ [ARG]9U/W Control
de Diego, Pedro [ARG]9U/W Control
Edel, Willy [BRA]9U/W Control
Hon Ming, Au Yeung ™ [HKG]9U/W ControlEngineered Explosives
Rood, David [CAN]9U/W Control
Saito, Tomoharu [JPN]9U/W Control
Labarre, Nicolas [FRA]9U/W March of the Machines
Jorstedt, Mattias [SWE]8U/W Control
He, Tim ™ [AUS]7U/R March of the Machines
Aten, Tim [USA]7U/W Control
Chang, Chih-Hsiang ™ [TWN]7U/W Control
Humpherys, David [USA]7U/W Control
Ostrovich, Diego [ARG]7U/W Control
Thompson, Gerry [USA]7U/W Control
Anagnostopoulos, Vagos [GRC]6AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Night's Whispers
Blaas, Jasper [NLD]6Affinity
del Castillo, Ricardo [DOM]6AffinitySomber Hoveruard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Dushkevitch, Artem ™ [RUS]6AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Geyser, Wynand [ZAF]6AffinityNight's Whisper + Pyrite
Grace, Richard ™ [NZL]6Affinity
Karjalainen, Pasi [FIN]6Affinity
Koobas, Lauri ™ [EST]6AffinityNight's Whisper + Pyrite
Kwan, David Wei Phang [SGP]6AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Pauli, Tormod ™ [NOR]6Affinity
Peleira, Mauro ™ [PRT]6AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Profeta, Francis ™ [PHL]6AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Prosak, Adam [USA]6Affinity
Reeves, Neil [USA]6Affinity
Remie, Jeroen ™ [NLD]6Affinity
Sacal, Alexander [MEX]6AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Smith, Jake [ENG]6AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Tan, Chuen Hwa ™ [MYS]6Affinity
Thille, Carl ™ [SWE]6AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Tsumura, Kenji ™ [JPN]6AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
White, James ™ [NZL]6AffinityPyrite + Scale of Chiss-Goria
Chick, Hoi ™ [HKG]6G/W Slide
Dumitrescu, Alexandru [ROU]6G/W Slide
Manicolo, Kevin [MLT]6G/W Slide
Miller, Roger ™ [NZL]6G/W Slide
Pascoli, Mario ™ [ITA]6G/W Slide
Borys, Grzegorz ™ [POL]6Goblin Bidding
Kozachuk, Artem ™ [UKR]6Goblin Bidding
Todorovic, Borut ™ [SVN]6Goblin Bidding
Tsakiris, Panagiotis [GRC]6Goblin Bidding
Clegg, Daniel [USA]6Goblins
Fujita, Osamu [JPN]6Goblins
Öberg, Kenny [SWE]6Goblins
Rider, Josh [CAN]6Goblins
Santos, Alberto ™ [PRT]6Goblins
Shatskih, Ruslan ™ [RUS]6Goblins
Svanbergsson, Gisli [ISL]6Goblins
Juza, Martin [CZE]6Krark-Clan Ironworks
Polak, Martin ™ [SVK]6Krark-Clan Ironworks
Rubin, Ben [USA]6Krark-Clan Ironworks
Tamblyn, Mitchell [USA]6Mantle Affinity
Lafuente, Diego ™ [URY]6Mono-Red Land Destruction
Vila, Ferran [ESP]6Mono-Red Land Destruction
Volberg, Mats ™ [EST]6Mono-Red Land Destruction
Sanchez, Ignacio [CHL]6Mono-White Control
Betschart, Alejandro ™ [URY]6Tooth and Nail
Bildner, Orr [ISR]6Tooth and Nail
Bode, Roland ™ [DEU]6Tooth and Nail
Edbury, Richard ™ [WAL]6Tooth and Nail
Kraft, Rene [DEU]6Tooth and Nail
Ormerod, John ™ [ENG]6Tooth and Nail
Radin, Aleksandar ™ [YUG]6Tooth and Nail
Shigehara, Toshinori [JPN]6Tooth and Nail
Wen, Sheng-Chun [ZAF]6Tooth and Nail
Zhang, Jingpeng ™ [CAN]6Tooth and Nail
Aziz, Gabriel ™ [URY]6U/B Death Cloud
Baberowski, Dirk [DEU]6U/R March of the Machines
Budde, Kai [DEU]6U/R March of the Machines
Lebedowicz, Osyp [USA]6U/R March of the Machines
Acosta, Nicolas ™ [COL]6U/W Control
Condon, Shane ™ [WAL]6U/W Control
Kibler, Brian [USA]6U/W Control
Kina, Mauro ™ [ARG]6U/W Control
Perez, Rico Vincent ™ [PHL]6U/W Control
Stokka, Truls ™ [NOR]6U/W Control
Hoeh, Hans Joachim [DEU]5G/W Slide
Cosgrave, Gareth ™ [IRL]5U/R March of the Machines
Simao Teixeira, Eduard [BRA]5U/W Control
Ng, Chi Fai ™ [HKG]4G/W Slide
Trevilyan, Bryce [AUS]4G/W Slide
Dahl, Aleksander ™ [NOR]4U/W Control
Berkowitz, Jordan [USA]3Affinity
Caumes, Benjamin [FRA]3AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Da Costa Cabral, Berna [BEL]3Affinity
Gins, Wim [BEL]3Affinity
Herberholz, Mark [USA]3Affinity
Kjartansson, Halldór S [ISL]3Affinity
Linde, Matt [USA]3Affinity
Minieri, Dario [ITA]3Affinity
Ross, Edward ™ [SCO]3AffinityPyrite Spellbomb
Soh, Joe [MYS]3Affinity
Torres, Eduardo ™ [PER]3AffinitySober Hoverguard + Pyrite Spellbomb
Wiegersma, Jelger [NLD]3Affinity
Yosef, Danny ™ [ISR]3AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Night's Whispers
Morel, Victor [DOM]3G/R/u Rogue
Murray, Stephen ™ [SCO]3G/W Control"Crazy 26 deck"
Grossmann, Vasco ™ [PRT]3G/W Slide
Madan, Daniel ™ [CHE]3G/W Slide
Roux, Sebastien [FRA]3Goblins
Sirilertvorakul, Veera [THA]3Goblins
Sison, Nomer Conrad [PHL]3Goblins
Grünauer, Simon ™ [AUT]3Krark-Clan Ironworks
Vasic, Zeljko ™ [SVN]3Krark-Clan Ironworks
Tanchel, Russell ™ [ZAF]3Tooth and Nail
Balogh, Andras ™ [HUN]3U/W Control
Pancini, Marco ™ [ITA]3U/W ControlBeacon of Immortality
Stead, Bill ™ [USA]2U/R March of the Machines
Wise, Joseph Gary [CAN]1U/R March of the Machines
Arellano, Fidel ™ [VEN]0AffinitySomber Hoverguard + Night's Whispers
Tisu, Stefan Alexandru [ROU]0AffinitySomber Hoverguard
Gerson, Steve ™ [ZAF]0G/U March of the Machines
Nakano, Yoshitaka [JPN]0Mono-Red Land Destruction
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