2004 World Championships Feature

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Paul Reitzl’s decklist from Tuesday's player barbecue.

A tower filled with $22 million is big . . . no, it’s bigger than that.

U.S. National Champion Craig Krempels during the opening ceremonies.

There is plenty to do at Worlds even if you’re not qualified. There's good trading on the floor and funny hats.

Trust us . . . when by the time Kim Graham gets done this pile of sticks and boxes will look like a dragon.

Japan’s National Champion, Tsuyoshi Fujita, went 5-1 on the first day of play with his Ponza deck.

They’re not real bills. You can call off the heist.

Players are treated to this view from one side with Alcatraz on the other.

Remnants from ‘that other card game.’

Reigning World Champion Daniel Zink gives nothing away while his opponent decides how to block.

A visual representation of how much money people have win on the Pro Tour -- and that’s using thousand dollar bills!

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