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Teams day this year is a bit of a departure from recent years, where the final race to the team crown was decided by team Rochester Draft. Following Pro Tour–San Francisco, where Two-Headed Giant first established itself at the pro level, 2HG has now made it to Worlds, and with it, some changes have been wrought on the team competition.

Throughout the main tournament, the points record in the swiss of each player has been added up, creating a grand total number of points. On teams day, there is a lot of potential to add to these points. Each team of four players is split into two pairs, 1 and 2, each of whom draft as a 2HG team against three other teams from three other countries. In each round, one national team will face off against another in two separate 2HG matches.

For example, America might play the Philippines. America 1 would take on Philippines 1, and America 2 would take on Philippines 2. If one country wins both these matches, they get a whopping 9 points to add to their total for the teams competition. If the matches are split, then each team will get 3 points, as in total they have effectively drawn their match. Teams that get no points at all leave without points, and without points, they stand little chance of prizes.

After each draft, national teams are re-divided, so that each draft has different pairs of individuals from a team working together. After three drafts, the two teams with the highest points record will qualify for the finals on Sunday, where two countries will duke it out in one final 2HG draft.

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