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Last year at the World Championships, Stuart Wright showed up to the Extended portion of the event with an innovative Destructive Flow deck that surprised the field and brought him a 6-0 record. In the Legacy portion of this year's Worlds, he again come with a creation of his own that has yet to trouble him with a loss.

The deck is one that Stuart has had in his back pocket for a while, having been put together for a legacy tournament that he never quite made it to. As such Wright will have more practice with his deck than most of the field have with theirs—it's definitely going to be the case that his opponents won't have played against it much.

The engine, as with most Legacy decks, is a massively powerful card or two. Stuart chose Survival of the Fittest and Goblin Welder. In a turn reminiscent of the Vintage Tools and Tubbies deck that preceded Stax as the Mishra's Workshop deck of choice, Stuart does naughty things with his Goblin Welders, involving Survival of the Fittest and Anger. These naughty things start with Shield Sphere and Moxes of the Chrome and Diamond variety, and tend to end with Sundering Titan, though against combo there is a miser's Platinum Angel, which is typically pretty tough for them to beat.

Check out the list:

One kind of interesting thing about the deck is the way it responds to a lot of traditional hate. Stuart has had his Survivals hit by Extirpate, and just gone to the backup plan of Intuition. He has faced down Leyline of the Void both singularly (fetching a Harmonic Sliver to deal with it), and in multiples (ignoring the Welding plan and simply disrupting and beating down). It takes a little bit of a feel to play correctly, in no small part knowing when to rawdog a Survival, and when to clear the way with Cabal Therapy and such. Seeing the threats to its style of play before they come along is the tricky bit—the winning comes easy (at least for Stuart).

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