Walking the Planes: Mr. The Wizard's Neighborhood

There's all kinds of Magic players, each of whom can teach us something about the game. Learn a lot about the Sealed Deck format from expert Ben Stark. See the best players compete to become a Grand Prix champion. Imagine your favorite characters brawling against each other!


Two Timer

BDM talks to Frank Skarren about his GP wins, his future goals, and Prereleases.

Magic Videos

Journey into Nyx trailer

Card of the Day

Launch the FleetJourney into Nyx. From the Journey into Nyx Release Notes:

You choose how many targets each spell with a strive ability has and what those targets are as you cast it. It’s legal to cast such a spell with no targets, although this is rarely a good idea. You can’t choose the same target more than once for a single strive spell.

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