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Opening Salvo: Rotations

Here's your chance to get a 360-degree perspective on some of the minis in our upcoming starter set.

M4A1 Sherman (SPIN)

Over 55,000 Shermans were produced and saw service on virtually every front of the war. Although outgunned by its German counterparts, the Sherman was relatively easy to produce and maintain and made excellent use of its superior numbers and mobility. Rarity: Uncommon

M1 Garand Rifle


The Garand was the standard firearm of U.S. military forces in WWII. Rugged and reliable, it served American soldier in combat around the world. Rarity: Common

SS-Panther Ausf. G


Built as a response to the Russian T-34, the Panther was more than a match for its contemporaries. Having heavy sloped armor and a powerful 75mm main gun, it could destroy opponents before they came into effective range. Rarity: Rare

Type 92 Machine-Gun Team


The mainstay of the Japanese Army in WWII. While reliable and air-cooled, it was heavy and had a relatively low rate of fire compared to other machine guns of the era. It's distinctive stuttering fire earned it the nickname, "Woodpecker." Rarity: Uncommon

M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight"


A later version of the Sherman, the Easy Eight incorporated Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension (HVSS) and wider tracks to provide increased mobility and a smoother ride. This version also included an enlarged turret to accommodate the more powerful 76mm gun. Rarity: Rare

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