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Opening Salvo: Set II Snipers

A well placed sniper can hinder the advance of any military unit. The ability to be unseen and deal out consistent damage at all ranges has always made snipers a deadly enemy. With the release of Set II for Axis & Allies Miniatures on December 2nd, players will be able to incorporate snipers into their own armies, creating new tactics and strategies and extending gameplay into new areas.

Imperial Sniper

Do you ever get tired of seeing an Inspiring Lieutenant rushing troops across the map towards the objective? The Imperial Sniper has an answer for not only the Inspiring Lieutenant, but all enemy commanders. With the ability to do consistent damage at all ranges, the ability to get a success on a roll of 3-6 and gaining two extra attack dice against commanders, the Imperial Sniper is that last thing your allied opponents will want to see deployed against them. Best of all, if your sniper is placed in cover, your enemy has to be at close range to be able to attack.

Wehrmacht Expert Sniper

The Wehrmacht Expert Sniper is a cause of concern for enemy soldiers and vehicles alike. Start off with the ability to roll 6 dice at any range. Then add in the ability to get successes on a roll of 3-6. Finish off with the ability to be unseen and unattacked in cover at medium and long range and you have a strong anti-soldier unit. If that's enough to make you spend 11 points, then maybe you should consider this sniper's unique headshot ability.

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