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Opening Salvo: Set II Paratroopers

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to provide your hard working Axis & Allies Miniatures forces with reinforcements and swing the tide of battle to your favor? Paratroopers are a new type of Soldier in Set II. They can "drop in" where you need them and are an excellent way to surprise your opponent or put troops where you need them most. While you can place a Paratrooper unit anywhere on the board that isn't adjacent to an enemy, you can't place them in an illegal hex, such as a pond. Even though you don't deploy paratroopers at the start of the game, you have to show your opponent the Paratroopers you have in your army as you deploy your other units.

"Screaming Eagle" Paratroopers

The 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" made a name for themselves in World War II. Their tenacity, esprit de corps and resilence under fire made their enemies fear and respect them. Along with their Paratrooper abilities, this unit has a strong close assault value and the ability to shrug off disrupted counters after the movement phase, bringing them back to full defensive and offensive value before the shooting starts. You can throw them into the thick of combat and know that the enemy is in for a tough fight.

SNLF Paratroopers

The Japanese Special Naval Landing Force Paratroopers saw action in the South Pacific, particularly in locations such as the Dutch East Indies. These Marines were trained to support amphibious landings and other raiding Marine forces. They allow Axis players to put infantry where they need them most to seize and hold objectives until reinforcements arrive. They can also be used to harrass and delay your opponents forces while the remainder of your units move to the objective. Either way, they provide another weapon in your ever growing arsenal.

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