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Opening Salvo: Contested Skies Pt. 1

The next expansion for Axis & Allies Miniatures - Contested Skies, hits store shelves on March 24th. Today we begin previewing the first images of the new set.

Our message board regulars have already seen images of the Junkers JU 87G Stuka and Luftwaffe Infantrymen, but the stat cards remain a mystery. Because the cards reveal information about the mechanics behind the incorporation of aircraft and anti-aircraft units into the game, we will be slowly revealing new portions of the cards, week by week. As new mechanics are revealed, they will be explained.

We will also be revealing pictures of new units one week and then showing their stat cards, along with additional new units, the following week.

Now that you've seen the previews, go to the Axis & Allies Miniatures message boards to discuss them!

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