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Scenario Contest Winner

We received a large number of very well written scenarios, ranging across the breadth and depth of World War II. Every front and nationality was well represented and our contestants showed a remarkable amount of imagination and knowledge of the subject matter. Our four judges had their work cut out for them as they had to read and reread the entries and slowly thinned the scenarios down.

In the end, there were four finalists that our judges discussed at length. Finally, we had one winner, but we would like to take the time here to give honorable mentions to our other three finalists. Congratulations go not only to our winner and other finalists, but to all our contestants who made this such a challenging contest to judge.


Maleme Airfield & Hill 107, Crete, May, 1941
Ian D., Valencia, CA

Honorable Mentions

The Green Jerboa, Payagyi, Burma, March, 1942
Elindo C., Wyoming, MI

Breakthrough into Po Valley, Bologna, Italy, April 1945
Stanley Y., Honolulu, HI

Operation Stalemate II, Peleliu, Palau Islands September 1944
William S., Boise, ID

Ian's winning entry will be put made into an official Axis & Allies Miniatures that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Game Trade Magazine and also featured on our web site. Ian also receives a complete set of Contested Skies minis. Since the other finalists were of such high quality, we will also be working with them to have their scenarios made into official scenarios that will be featured on our site in the future as well. Once again, our congratulations go out to our winner and honorable mentions. We look forward to running another contest featuring Contested Skies miniatures in the near future!

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