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Opening Salvo: D-Day Pt. 1

Axis & Allies Miniatures - D-Day draws closer to its June 2nd release. This new expansion allows players new possibilities for army construction and new game mechanics with the introduction of obstacles and heroes. The combination of new units and new mechanics means that your total number of choices for army building rises dramatically and requires players to consider what their opponent may field in battle.

Web site regulars will have already seen the preview image of the Higgins Boat. To kick off the previews for D-Day, we start you off with the its stat card.

The Higgins boat is sized to accomodate two soldier units, such as two M1 Garand Rifles, inside of it. Now your units can get their feet wet at beach heads as you storm ashore in your own battles. This week we also present images of two new units in D-Day.

Check back next week for stats on the images we previewed this week as well as new images of upcoming units. For now, to go our message boards to discuss them!

Additional Higgins Boat Information

What follows are a few behind the scenes pictures of the Higgins Boat in early development. These are unpainted early sculpts that should give you a good idea of how the final product looks, including its opening and closing front ramp.

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