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Opening Salvo: D-Day Pt. 2

The release of Axis & Allies Miniatures - D-Day comes a week closer and that means new previews and new stat cards.. This new expansion allows players new possibilities for army construction and new game mechanics with the introduction of obstacles and heroes. Next week we will preview one of the new hero miniatures and the week following we will preview it's stat card and the rules behind the new game mechanic. First, let's look at the stat cards for last weeks preview minis.

The Defiant Paratrooper gives U.K. forces their own dedicated high defense airborne troops, perfect for recreating scenarios such as Operation Market Garden. The Hetzer gives Axis players a hard-hitting, low-cost, mobile unit that has increased survivability while in cover. Now, let's take a look at two new preview minis.

Check back next week for stats on the images we previewed this week as well as new images of upcoming units. For now, to go our message boards to discuss them!

Additional Sculpting Images

What follows are a few behind the scenes pictures of one of this week's preview miniatures. These are unpainted early sculpts and you can see some of the minor changes that have transpired between this stage and the final mini.

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