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Opening Salvo: D-Day Pt. 3

Heroes are one of the units in Axis & Allies Miniatures - D-Day. First, let's look at the stat cards for last weeks preview minis.

The SU-76M gives the Soviets a fast, if lightly armored, anti-tank option. The Sandbagged Machine-Gun Team gives additional survivability to a strong anti-soldier unit.

Now we get to ouir next week's previews. One of the units below is a hero unit. Occasionally, the heat of combat forges Heroes. These individuals rise above the norm and fight with a much greater impact than typical Soldiers.

Heroes don't deploy during normal deployment. At the start of the game, show your opponent the Heroes you have in your army as you deploy your other units. At the beginning of your movement phase, you may place a Hero on the battle map in the same hex as any friendly Soldier of the same nationality, The stacking rule of two Friendly units per hex still applies, so Heroes can only be placed in a hex with a single friendly Soldier.

Heroes ignore all face-up Disrupted counters that they receive. If a hero would get a face-up Disrupted counter, it can still move, make defensive-fire attacks and doesn't suffer the -1/-1 penalty to defense or the -1 penalty on each attack die. Essentially, Heroes are either destroyed or are unaffected by enemy fire.

Check back next week for stats on the images we previewed this week as well as new images of upcoming units. For now, to go our message boards to discuss them!

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