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Opening Salvo: D-Day Pt.4

Last week we gave you the rules for Heroes in Axis & Allies Miniatures - D-Day. Now we can look at the stat cards.

Should the Resourceful Hero be lucky enough to be in the same hex as an opponent's unit when it is destroyed, they can make use of the weaponry they find, albeit in a limited fashion. Even without that ability, the Hero provides a tough unit you can throw into battle where you need it most, whether it is in offense or defense. The M7 105mm Priest has the ability to reach out and grouped enemy infantry and light vehicles at long range.

Now we get to our new previews. Starting today we will be running previews on both Mondays and Wednesdays. Today we focus on two airplanes most of you will have no trouble recognizing.

Check back on Wednesday for stats on the images we previewed today as well as images of new units. For now, to go our message boards to discuss them!

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