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Opening Salvo: D-Day Pt. 7

Obstacles are a new unit included in Axis & Allies Miniatures - D-Day.

The Axis and Allies Miniatures D-Day set introduces Obstacles to the battlefield. Obstacles belong to neither side, and can be deployed by the Axis or the Allies. Obstacles count toward your army's 100-point limit, and you have to show your opponent all the Obstacles in your army before you deploy them.

Obstacles don't count against the normal stacking limits, but are limited to one per hex and one per hex edge. Obstacles can't move. Obstacles can't be placed in hexes adjacent to the objective or on hex edges that surround the hex that contains the objective.

You can put a Barbed Wire on a hex edge that surrounds a hex that contains another obstacle, as long as that hex isn't the objective.

There are two kinds of Obstacles - Fortifications and Traps.

Fortifications are deployed before all other units, since they are fixed and obvious on the battlefield. Once the first player is determined after the initial coin flip, that player deploys all his Fortifications. Then the second player deploys all his Fortifications. After all Fortifications have been deployed, deploy units normally.

Since Traps represent hazards that are hidden and not obvious, they aren't deployed during normal deployment. During your assault phase, you can place a Trap in any unoccupied hex that isn't adjacent to the objective.

Now, let's look at the stat cards for our obstacle previews.

Barbed Wire and Tank Obstacles function in much the same way. Barbed Wire forces soldiers to make a movement roll whereas Tank Obstacles force vehicles to make one. Both types of Fortifications force your enemy to be channeled around them or attempt to move through them, possibly losing the remainder of their movement for the turn.

Now we get to our new previews. Our focus is soldiers for the next preview.

Check back on Monday for stats on the images we previewed today as well as images of new units. For now, to go our message boards to discuss them!

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