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D-Day - Juno Maps
Patrick Graham and Robert Mull

The D-Day expansion for Axis and Allies Miniatures has new units for use in conducting, and defending against, invasions from the sea. To make the most out of those units, we have sought to provide many different ways for players to get new maps to recreate beach invasions. The Beachhead map is available through Combat Zone Retailer kits and online. The new Twin-Pack Starter also has new maps, two of which can be used to create a coastline.

As part of an upcoming scenario set on D-Day at Juno Beach, we have come out with a new set of maps for use with the scenario. Invaders must slog across a long beach and then scale unfriendly bluffs that provide only one route of access for vehicles. While it is custom made for the Juno scenario, it can be used for any beachhead landing of your choice.

Since scenario specific maps usually don't tile well with geomorphic maps, we have included an extra coastal map in the Juno set. This gives players three different coastal maps, with beaches, that can be used to create any sort of coastline you want. Since the coast maps do not have roads or streams, they work well with any of our other maps. We have also included a map comprised solely of water hexes, for those of you who want to have long approaches to the beach in your Higgins Boats. Download these new maps, find an opponent and let the best person win.

Juno Map Downloads

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