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Opening Salvo: Reserves
Part 2: Soviet Union
by Robert Mull

Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves hits store shelves on November 10th. Last week we looked at the new Ranger unit. Our previews continue as we turn our eye to some of the new Soviet units available in this upcoming expansion. We are looking at vehicles from both ends of the spectrum, one is a lightweight speedster while the other is a heavily armored monster.

The BA-10M is a speedy little vehicle that is suitable for fighting light armor units or infantry. High Gear gives this unit the ability to get into the fight quickly. With Aggression, you can close the distance to the enemy before you attack. While Aggression only gives you a speed of 1 in the assault phase, if you happen to be on a road, you can make use of High Gear and the 1 hex of free movement to move a speed of 4. Used efficiently, you could run the BA-10M out of cover and/or flank your opponent before you attack. A few of these grouped together could quickly swarm any unit at close range. While this unit has enough punch to hurt most units with a close rear shot, it's still a lightly armored vehicle that won't stand up to heavy punishment.

The SU-152 is everything you could want in an assault gun. Heavily armored with a 6/6 rating combined with Hulking Mass means that the SU-152 isn't going down without a fight. While the SU-152 is limited by being a Fixed Howitzer and having Limited Ammo, it's high attack numbers, combined with Bombardment make it the fear of every soldier and many vehicle crews. At medium range this unit can make short work of the hardiest of the infantry units and still has enough punch to damage all but the heaviest of tanks.

Check back next week when we preview another unit from Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves. While you wait, go discuss this unit and other miniatures on our message boards.

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