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Opening Salvo: Reserves
Part 8: Support Units
by Robert Mull

Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves hits store shelves on November 10th. Earlier this week we looked at two new Japanese units, the Type 3 Chi-Nu and the Shiden-Kai. We also previewed the images of this installment of Opening Salvo's stat cards. This week we will look at an experimental German unit and one of the new support units.

The Goliath is an interesting unit that packs a large one time punch. Functioning as Soldier - Artillery, the Goliath is prone to all the normal pitfalls a 3/3 soldier has to watch out for. It's special Remote Control ability gives it the chance to roll 12 dice against a vehicle and 8 against a soldier, provided it makes the appropriate die rolls.

The Reserves set introduces Support units to the battlefield. Support units belong to neither side, and can be deployed by the Axis or the Allies. Support units count toward your army’s 100-point limit, and you have to show your opponent all the Support units in your army before you deploy them.

Support units usually give a bonus that applies to friendly units regardless of range or line of sight. They do count against the normal stacking limits, but are limited to one per hex. All the Support units in the Reserves set have the Dug In ability, which gives them the restriction of not being able to move during a game.

Ammo Dump has the Plentiful Ammo ability. This ability allows each of your attacking units to reroll any 1s on their attack dice. This powerful bonus modifies only the initial attack dice rolled during each attack—you can’t reroll any rerolls.

Fuel Depot has the Extra Fuel ability. Extra Fuel gives +1 speed to each friendly Vehicle that has a base speed of 3, regardless of range or line of sight. A unit’s base speed is the actual speed value printed on its stat card, not its modified speed value. If you have two Fuel Depots on the battle map, their abilities don’t stack.

Headquarters has the Organization ability, which allows you to reroll your initiative die. You get to see both initiative die rolls before you decide whether to reroll or not, and you must reroll before the movement phases begin.

Check back next week when we preview more units from Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves. Next week's previews will feature the stat cards for the two partisan units shown below. While you wait, go discuss this unit and other miniatures on our message boards.

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