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Opening Salvo: Reserves
Part 9: Partisan Units
by Robert Mull

Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves hits store shelves on November 10th. Last week we looked at two new units, the Ammo Dump support unit and the German Sd Kfz 303 "Goliath". We also previewed the images of this installment of Opening Salvo's stat cards. This week we will look at two new partisan units.

The French Resistance Fighters provides Allied players with, arguably, the best known partisans of the Second World War. The Axis player gains the use of Werwolf Partisans. Both units cost a point more than their Communist Partisan comrades. For that point, the French Resistance gains an extra dice of damage at close and medium range. The Werwolfs have a formidable 9 dice at close range, but are limited to a 2 hex maximum range. Partisans, Paratroopers and Aircraft can all provide a counter to the Support Units previewed last week.

Check back next week when we preview more units from Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves. Next week's previews will feature the stat cards for the two Soviet units shown below. While you wait, go discuss this unit and other miniatures on our message boards.

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