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Opening Salvo: Reserves
Part 10: Soviet Unit II
by Robert Mull

Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves hits store shelves on November 10th. Last week we looked at two new partisan units, the French Resistance Fighters and the German Werwolf Partisans. We also previewed the images of this installment of Opening Salvo's stat cards. This week we will look at two new Soviet units.

The Soviet BT-7 provides a fast, manuverable armored unit well suited for flanking your opponents. The BT-7's speed of 5, when combined with its High Gear and Excellent Suspension special abilities, give this unit the ability to quickly move through difficult terrain and put itself in a position where its attacks can do the most damage. The Degtyarev DP-27 is a mix of possibilities. Being Command Dependent, it requires a friendly Commander nearby in order to move. On the flip side, the Covering Fire special ability allows it to keep your opponents units from attacking. This unit's low cost is balanced by its lack of long range attacks.

Check back next week when we preview more units from Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves. Next week's previews will feature the top two picks from the poll below. While you wait, go discuss this unit and other miniatures on our message boards.

Which minis do we get to see the stat card next week?
Select your favorite and the top two entries stat cards and images will get posted next week.

UK Centurion A41
UK M22 "Locust"
German Fallschirmjäger
Soviet M3 Lee
German Elefant
French Panhard et Levassor P 178

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