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Opening Salvo: Reserves
Part 11: Player's Choice
by Robert Mull

Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves hits store shelves on November 10th. Last week we looked at two new Soviet units, the BT-7 and Degtyarev DP-27. We also gave our fans the ability to vote for the final two previews before Reserves is released. Without further ado, let's look at how the voting went.

Which minis should we preview next?
German Fallschirmjäger 34.2%
German Elefant 27.4%
UK Centurion A41 17.4%
French Panhard et Levassor P 178 8.5%
UK M22 "Locust" 6.3%
Soviet M3 Lee 6.3%
Total 100.0%

It looks like the Germans swept the polls rather decisively with the Fallschirmjäger taking first place and the Elefant a relatively close second place. You voted, now let's look at the stats.

The Fallschirmjäger has the same stats as the "Screaming Eagle" Paratrooper but has no special abilities and has Close Assault 7, rather than 8. Weighing in at 8 points, it shaves a point off its American cousin's cost and finally gives Axis players a European Theater paratrooper. The Elefant is, quite literally, a beast. With a 8/6 defense and Superior Armor 2, it will shrug off aircraft and most flank attacks. While it is weak against infantry, it is a nightmare to opposing armor, doing 13 dice out to 16 hexes and 18 dice close in. While getting behind it may not allow you to kill it, it will definitely allow you to avoid its deadly fire.

Check back next week when we preview the entire gallery for Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves. While you wait, go discuss this unit and other miniatures on our message boards.

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