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Opening Salvo: War at Sea
Player Quick Start Guide

Dive bombers scream down from the skies, zeroing in on enemy flattops. Battleships blast away with their enormous guns, hurling shells weighing thousands of pounds. Submarines skulk beneath the sea, looking for the chance to fire their deadly torpedoes. To this day, the desperate chase of the Bismarck, the heroic defense of Malta, the defeat at Pearl Harbor, the unlikely victory at Midway, and the long, bitter struggle against the U-boat menace still remind us of the courage and perseverance of countless sailors, airmen, and submariners sixty years ago.

The Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures game is a hard-hitting, action-packed way for you to fight out these furious naval battles on your own kitchen table. Technology, industrial power, and above all human courage decided the fate of the world between 1939 and 1945. Now your skill, luck, and audacity can do the same. With the Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures game, you take command of fleets including powerful battleships, stealthy submarines, fast destroyers, and deadly aircraft. Victory goes to the commander who most skillfully combines air, surface, and submarine assets into a single deadly instrument of sea power.

You can use the Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures game in three ways:

  • Play using the competitive Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures rules found in the rule book.
  • Recreate historical naval battles and find out whether you could have won if you had been in command.
  • Collect the detailed and historically accurate World War II-era fighting ships, submarines, and aircraft represented by the prepainted plastic miniatures.

Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures - War at Sea, doesn't hit store shelves until March 2007. Previews will begin sometime in late January 2007, but until then, you can keep yourself busy by reading the Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide gives you the basic rules, plus an early view of miniatures and stat cards.

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