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Axis and Allies Miniatures Expert Rules

AAM Expert Rules (V1.1):
Important: There has been a lot of comments on the boards, thanks for the good feedback. As stated before, this is a work in progress. Now is the chance to make your voice heard if you are interested in testing and improving the rules before they are finalized. We will be testing and changing for the next 3-4 weeks, so time is limited.We have set up a special set of forums just to discuss these proposed rules. This update only pertains to the following rules. These changes build upon Expert Rules V1.0

Expanded Rules Guide
The final version of these rules will be incorporated into the Axis & Allies Miniatures Expanded Rules Guide. This guide compiles the existing rules system along with expanded rules developed here. Battle Scenarios challenge players on either side of the battlefield, putting tactical skills and strategic planning to the test. Larger double-side battle maps feature highly detailed artwork and allow players to make use of maneuverability and tactical placement of their units.

The Expanded Rules Guide Contains:

  • 48-page rulebook, including new, expanded rules for the Axis & Allies Miniatures Game.
  • 8 Battle Scenarios.
  • 2 full color, double sided, 21” x 30” hex maps.
  • Comprehensive checklist featuring every miniature from all five Axis & Allies Miniatures expansions.

Platoon cards are now available. Platoon cards cost a set amount and provide multiple units for one fixed cost. Like standard units they are subject to nationality. The total number of figures in the platoon counts against the total unit limit. (i.e. If there are 5 units in the platoon, you can only take another 10 units in a standard scenario of 15 unit max).

When game play allows, Platoon cards will be based on the TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) of the appropriate nationality. That being said, there was a lot of variation during wartime, many units were under strength for long periods of time and there were the occasional over strength unit. Units were often rapidly formed ad hoc and dispersed equally quickly.

Infantry Platoons:

  • American Infantry Platoon: 1x "Red Devil" Captain, 2x M1 Garand Rifle, 1x Bazooka, 1x BAR Gunner = 16 points.
  • Russian Infantry Platoon: 1x Commisar, 4x Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 = 12 points.
  • German Infantry Platoon: 1x SS-Haupsturmführer, 3x Mauser Kar 98k, 1x MG 42 Machine-Gun Team = 19 points.
  • British Infantry Platoon: 1x Inspiring Lieutenant, 2x SMLE No. 4 Rifle, 1x Vickers Machine-Gun Team, 1x Bren Machine Gunner = 21 points.
  • Japanese Infantry Platoon: 1x Imperial Sergeant, 3x Arisaka Rifle, 1x Type 89 Mortar = 20 points.
  • French Infantry Platoon: 1x Bold Captain, 3x MAS 7.5mm Rifle, 1x Lebel 86M93 Grenadier = 13 points.
  • Soviet Assault Platoon: 4x PPSh-41 SMG, 1x Soviet Grenadiers = 12 points.

Specialized Platoons:

  • Line American Airborne Platoon: 1x "Screaming Eagle" Captain, 2x "Screaming Eagle" Paratroopers, 1x BAR Gunner, 1x Mortar M2 = 28 points.
    Special Rule: All units are placed using normal deployment rules, no airdrops.
  • SNLF Airborne Platoon: 1x SNLF Captain, 1x SNLF Fanatics, 1x SNLF Paratroopers, 1x Type 92 Machine-Gun Team, 1x Type 89 Mortar = 24 points.
    Special Rule: All units are placed using normal deployment rules, no airdrops.
  • German Panzergrenadier Platoon: 2x Sd Kfz 251, 2x Panzergrenadier, 1x Sd Kfz 250, 1x PAK 38 Antitank Gun = 32 points.
  • Soviet Artillery Element: 1x BM-13 Katyusha Rocket Launcher, 1x Red Army Forward Observer, 1x 82mm PM-37 Mortar = 26 points.

Vehicle Platoons:

  • Medium Panzer Platoon: 1x SS Panzer IV Ausf. F2 , 2x Panzer IV Ausf. G = 75 points.
  • UK Armored Recon Troop: 2x Humber Scout Car, 2x Universal Carrier, 1x SMLE No. 4 Rifle, 1x Bren Machine Gunner = 34 points.
  • Sherman Platoon: 1x M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight", 2x M4A1 Sherman = 80 points.
  • Tiger Platoon: 1x Veteran Tiger, 2x Tiger I = 170 points.
  • Sherman Firefly Platoon: 1x Sherman VC Firefly, 2x M4A1 Sherman = 63 points.
  • T-34 Platoon: 1x Guards T-34/85, 2x T-34/76, 1x PPSh-41 SMG = 80 points.
  • U.S. Recon Element: 1x M24 Chaffee, 1x M8 "Greyhound", 1x Jeep, 1x M1 Garand Rifle = 36 points.

Enfilade Fire:
When a friendly soldier is adjacent to an enemy soldier, treat the enemy soldier as facing that unit for any other units that fire at that enemy unit. Any friendly fire that hits the rear of that enemy soldier has a bonus of +1 on the attack dice. (e.g. If you have soldiers on opposite sides and adjacent to an enemy soldier, both of your soldiers would get a +1 on attack die bonus on their attacks against that unit. If you have a soldier adjacent and to the north of a unit and another unit 3 hexes to the southeast of that unit, the unit 3 hexes away would get a +1 on its attack dice.)

So far this rule has been very powerful. The power level has been high enough that there might be a change in the rule to work only with adjacent units or some other limiting factor. We like the way that it encourages flanking attacks and defending lines in a classic manner however. Note that while units that are in the same hex are also adjacent, there is no benefit to being in the same hex as the target (as there is no current rule to determine facing for units in the same hex).

Grazing Fire:
Machine Guns (Soldiers with the Double Shot ability) may choose to use Grazing Fire instead of firing an additional time during the Assault Phase or as a Defensive Fire attack. If they choose to utilize Grazing Fire they may attack all other units that are both adjacent to the original target and on the same line of sight as the original target.

This rule has generated some confusion. On the same line of sight means that the line that measured line of sight to the original target passes thru the adjacent hex. In practice this means that there will only be 2 hexes adjacent to the hex the original target is in unless the LOS is measured right down the hex spine, in which case there are 4 hexes adjacent to the target and on the same line of sight.

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