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Axis and Allies Miniatures Expert Rules
Mons Johnson

AAM Expert Rules (V1.3):
Important: We will be testing the rules for just another week. Your opinions can influence this project by posting on our boards. These rules are in addition to the ones posted in the previous weeks.. We have set up a special set of forums just to discuss these proposed rules. This update only pertains to the following rules, but build upon rules given in Expert Rules V1.0, Expert Rules V1.1 and Expert Rules V1.2.

Platoon cards are now available. Platoon cards cost a set amount and provide multiple units for one fixed cost. Like standard units they are subject to nationality. The total number of figures in the platoon counts against the total unit limit. (i.e. If there are 5 units in the platoon, you can only take another 10 units in a standard scenario of 15 unit max).

Additional Platoon cards (earlier ones are found here, here, and here)

Infantry Platoons:

  • Canadian Infantry Platoon: 1x Eagle-Eyed NCO, 3x Canadian Infantrymen, 1x Entrenched Antitank Gun = 16 points.

Specialized Platoons:

  • German Recon Element: 2x Sd Kfz 222, 2x Sd Kfz 251, 1x Panzergrenadier, 1x Wehrmacht Veteran Infantrymen = 32 points.
  • Soviet Antitank Platoon: 2x ZIS-2 57mm Model 1943, 1x PTRD-41 Antitank Rifle, 1x PPSh-41 SMG = 18 points.

Vehicle Platoons:

  • Japanese Light Tank Platoon: 1x Type 97 Chi-Ha, 2x Type 95 Ha-Go = 25 points.
  • Japanese Medium Tank Platoon: 2x Type 97 Chi-Ha, 1x Type 89A Chi-Ro = 25 points

Single Nationality Armies:
In order to encourage the use of historical armies and to aid the smaller nations we are adding the following. If your army consists of only 1 nationality you can gain additional bonuses. The bonuses are to your starting allowable forces, both in allowable points and number of units.

Instead of the standard 100 points and 15 units if your army has only 1 nationality the following limits apply:

  • U.S., Germany: no change.
  • U.K./Australia/Canada: 105 points, 15 units (any combination of U.K. + Australian + Canadian units).
  • Soviet Union: 105 points, 18 units.
  • France: 110 points, 18 units.
  • Italy: 110 points, 18 units.
  • Japan: 110 points, 18 units.
  • Hungarian: 115 points, 20 units.
  • Poland: 115 points, 20 units.
  • Rumania: 115 points, 20 units.
  • China: 110 points, 24 units.

These numbers are slightly changed from the original version to make them both more appropriate and comprehensible.

For larger scale battles these limits apply per 100 points. For example: In a 200 point army, you may field 110 points of Italian units and an additional 100 points of other axis units, or you may field 220 points of Italian units.

New Maps & Stacking Limit:
There will be new maps with the Expanded Rules. The maps will feature 3 inch hexes, significantly larger than the previous 2 inch hexes. With more area to play in we are considering changing the stacking limit to 3 units per hex (one of which can be a vehicle). This will be a major change in the way the game plays, so this rule is still being tested and is by no means guaranteed to be in the final version of the rules. Input from players would be appreciated on this possible rule.

200 & 400 point battles:
200 and 400 point battles will be supported in the new rules with map layouts. For each 100 points in a scenario a player may field 15 units (or possibly more if they use the nationality restrictions).

The following rules apply to the standard 200 point battle:

  1. Each side can have a maximum of 4 Special units.
  2. Support units are limited to 1 of each type.
  3. A player wins by holding 2 of the 3 objectives at the end of 6 turns or having more points of units on the board at the end of 8 turns.
  4. Obstacles are not allowed.

The following rules apply to the standard 400 point battle:

  1. Each side can have a maximum of 8 Special units.
  2. Support units are limited to 1 of each type.
  3. A player wins by holding 3 of the 5 objectives at the end of 5 turns or having more points of units on the board at the end of 7 turns.
  4. Obstacles are not allowed.

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