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Axis and Allies Campaign
PTO: Part 6
by David Devere & Tom Maertz

ETO End of Fall – Winter 1943 – The Allies lose a critical battle for France that puts Paris firmly under control of the Wehrmacht. On the Eastern Front the Soviets have freed Leningrad, while in Stalingrad the attrition continues.

PTO Spring – Summer 1944 – The year could not have dawned more dreary for the Japanese empire; no longer at its peak, the Imperial Government has resorted to desperate attacks to stem the Allied advance.

Results of ETO 6

If the Germans were hoping to clinch the win this turn they needed to take all the contested victory point cities and hope that the Japanese wouldn’t lose any of their cities. The Japanese held up their end of the bargain (more on that later) but the Germans fell short. Here’s how it all shook out.

Battle No. 51 for control of France - and most importantly Paris - was a very important battle for the Allies. Germany was able to win the battle and push the Allies out of the province. German General von Tartach reported to OKW:

“Faced with tackling a massively-fortified Allied encampment, the Wehrmacht responded with typical power and efficiency. German armor swept around bunkered artillery, destroying them piecemeal, before catching the Allied infantry contingent in a pincer. Elite SS troops rolled in to complete the crushing victory.”

Battle No. 52 should have be very difficult for the Allies to win. But with their backs up against the wall and their brothers in arms relying on them, somehow the Americans managed to eke out a victory. American General Lashmire reported to SHAEF:

“A huge upset, as terrain advantages negated an overwhelming disparity in troop quality. Lethal Brummbars and a Panther were unable to get clear line-of-sight in the close quarters of Knife Fight country, forcing them within Bazooka range. With the Panther quickly disrupted, US Shermans danced around the field picking apart the small German infantry presence. German High Command will be giving their commander a chance to redeem himself…on the front lines in Stalingrad.”

Battle No. 53 was for Leningrad. The winner was going to take the city as the prize and the Russians weren’t about to let the Germans anywhere near their city. Despite furious attempts by the Wehrmacht to capture the city the Russians were able to gain control and force the besieging Germans back into the Baltic States. Unfortunately for the Russians – although they the city - the surrounding countryside is occupied by Germany. One exasperated Russian infantry man was heard saying, “What has the rest of the army been doing while we were defending Leningrad?!”

Battle No. 54 for Stalingrad was also won by the Russians but at a much higher cost and without as desirable of an affect. Victory Point Cities can be contested over multiple turns and unless the defenders can break the siege the attackers are required to commit the same amount of points as the defender to make the battle even. This represents the idea of having to fight from street to street and in constricted spaces. So in the end, even though the Russians won, the Germans still have the upper hand in Stalingrad. You can be assured there will be a Stalingrad Part IV.

Battle No. 55 was a Russian attack into Archangel. Here, their luck ran out. The German defenders were merciless in defeating the soviet advance. The Russians retreated 1 infantry division from the battle.

In other events around the ETO, the American Navy has finally freed the remaining contested UK convoy routes and the Allied toe hold on Western Europe has dwindled to only Vichy France and Denmark. Next week we will issue tickets for ETO 7 and the Spring of 1944. What will the Allies do to stop the Germans?

Pacific Theater of Operations Part 6

Take a quick look at the map and you will notice that the Empire of Japan is in decline. Here’s where this week’s action takes place:

Battle No. 56 is in Anhew. When Japanese High Command first ordered this attack the Chinese Commander said, “Why are you attacking me? You should let me attack and preserve your forces.” Well who said this wasn’t a roll playing game? Certainly Japanese High Command doesn’t think so – and they prefer to attack the enemy. Allied Commanders note that this battle is restricted to 100% Chinese.

Battle No. 57 is our second of two land tickets. The Americans are trying to take the Caroline Islands. This is an amphibious assault so no retreat is possible. If the Americans can take the Caroline Islands it will give them a forward air and naval base that should help them prepare for either an invasion of the Philippines or the main island of Japan.

Battle No. 58 is a Fleet Action in the Mariana Islands. If you remember, in PTO 5 there was a pesky Japanese sub that blocked the American fleet – that sub is now attacking the transport fleet stationed in this island group. This attack prevents the transports, and more importantly their cargo of men and artillery, from attacking this turn. If the Japanese win this battle they will force the Americans to reroute or delay any amphibious landing with the troops stationed on the islands. Not a bad day’s work for an 8 point submarine.

Battle No. 59 is an old venue for Admirals of both British and Japanese Navies. Neither side has the upper hand but just like all other engagements in the Sumatran Convoy the outcome is important to both sides.

Battle No. 60 could be foreshadowing an invasion of Japan. American High Command is being very quiet about their future plans. They are setting themselves up for a large scale invasion of either the Philippines or Japan. The problem for the Japanese is that they don’t know where invasion troops are going to be committed. Regardless of where the invasion is American High Command has decided that they need to reduce or destroy they Japanese convoy fleet. If this fleet is lost the Japanese wouldn’t be able to reinforce any of its territories. That would be a mortal blow to the empire. Now it’s up to you to decide.

In other action around the PTO, the Japanese Navy and most of the Air Force have attacked the American convoy fleet off the coast of Dutch New Guinea. British fighters have responded in defense. No Fleet Action was produced for this battle as the attackers greatly outnumber the defenders. The Japanese also sent 2 infantry divisions as reinforcement to the Philippines. This was done before the battleship left to attack the convoy fleet. The Americans, thinking they could scrape together an assault force to strike the islands, had to commit a carrier fighter squadron to try and sink the Japanese transport that just arrived to clear the sea lanes for their invasion force. Since everything is simultaneous the battle between the Japanese transport and the American fighter had to be resolved to determine whether or not the Americans could land on the islands. American High Command rolled a 4 (a miss) and Japanese high Command rolled a 1 (the only number that could have hit) destroying the fighter squadron and preventing the invasion of the islands. The Allies have also taken the islands of Formosa and Ryukyu. The Japanese are trying to take back Siam before fresh British troops arrive and every unit in China, Axis and Allied, is moving in what looks like a large pinwheel of green and red arrows.

Remember to report your PTO 6 results to The deadline for all PTO 6 battles is Monday, September 17th, 2007 at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time. Can Japan hold on to their empire a little bit longer to buy some time for the Germans to win in Europe? You decide.

Previously in the Axis & Allies Campaign:

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