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Opening Salvo: Pt. 2
1939-1945 Set
by Robert Mull

The new Axis and Allies Miniatures: 1939-1945 Starter Set and boosters hit store shelves on October 26th. Last week we looked at the Canadian Sherman VC 17-Pounder and the German Panzer IV Ausf. F2, both of which had new recosted cards. This week we look at two new units, one that is recosted, one whose rarity has changed, and both of which have new paint schemes.

Soviet T-34/76

The T-34 was one of the most produced tanks of World War II and saw combat throughout the war. In all its versions, the T-34 was a tank highly respected by those that had to fight against it. In Axis and Allies Miniatures, the original T-34/76 was a tan colored rare that people could not get enough of for their collections. In 1939-1945, the stat card remains unchanged, but the T-34/76 is now an uncommon tank. It now sports a "classic" Soviet green paint scheme with a wash along with a turret number of "46" (which cannot be seen in this picture). The new mini also has greater detailing and overall is a much more impressive piece that will be seen in a great many Allied war bands.

German King Tiger

The Königstiger is one of the real heavyweights in Axis and Allies Miniatures. This particular "heavy" has gone on a bit of diet as it now weighs in at 62 points, dropping 9 points from its original 71 point cost. It's now a much more affordable tank and it keeps all its formidable stats including the 8/6 defense combined with Superior Armor 2. It also now sports an all new camouflage pattern and the overall detailing of the tank has been increased. With some of these new recosted German tanks, the Allies will have much more to think about in their planning sessions.

Check back next Friday when we will be focusing on a new pair of units from the 1939-1945 Set. Until then, go to our message boards to talk about this preview.

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