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Axis and Allies Campaign
by David Devere & Tom Maertz

European Theater of Operations: Part 8 Fall / Winter 1944

England and America hit Germany in an all out assault to quickly end the war while Germany sends all its reserves into Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad in a last ditch effort to finish off the Soviets.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the war is about to end. Both sides are orchestrating a finale that they hope will push their countries to victory. If the Axis win all their engagements they might be able to salvage a victory if the Japanese can hold in the Pacific. If the Allies take both East and West Germany then that will undoubtedly put an end to Axis hostilities in Europe.

There are a number of very large battles this turn and if you don’t have enough pieces to play the battle just cut the number of points allocated in half and submit your report as normal. Also the large battles require that you use 8 maps sheets instead of four and that you place two objectives. Despite using two objectives and twice the map size the defenders receive only two choices. To win the battle one side must be in uncontested control of both objectives. Let’s get to this weeks battles:

Battle No. 71 is in West Germany. The British have sent everything they have into West Germany - even taking an artillery unit off the line in France and transporting it with the main assault fleet. The British are playing a deadly game as there is no retreat from an amphibious assault. They need to win and British High Command implores all Field Commanders to fight to the last as retreat is impossible. The Brits do have a slight edge in points but they will need to bring enough heavy armor to contend with the German heavy tanks that will be sure to make a presence on the battle field. Field Commanders note that 1945 troops and equipment are available for this battle.

Battle No. 72 is for control of East Germany. The Americans decided along with their Canadian allies (the Brit tank in this battle originated in Canada) that the best way to take Germany out of the war is to conquer Germany itself. While some more cautious commanders might have hit the Netherlands or landed on the beach head in France – American High Command had serious doubts that the Russians would be able to hold up for much longer without drastic, bold and potentially devastating attacks in the west against Germany. Allied Field Commanders note that all the available vehicle points must be in UK or lend-lease. All Commanders note that they may use 1945 troops or equipment.

Battle No. 73: What is the fate of Paris? This battle will decide. Obviously this battle is a side show to the larger engagements in Germany proper but it is still for control of a victory point city. The Americans are supplying a heavy bomber to the attack and are therefore the lead nation. The Germans have stripped the Netherlands of all units and thrown in the last of their reserves on the Western Front. The fate of Paris is in your hands – will it become a free city like Rome?

Battle No. 74 in Leningrad is the last great blitz of the war. Can the Germans finally take this city? What spell has Leningrad cast upon Germany that prevents it from being overrun? This is the Germans’ last opportunity to sweep around the enemy, capture the objective quickly and fulfill the requirements of a blitz ticket. Is it too little too late? You decide.

Battle No. 75 is the long anticipated German attack on Moscow. The Germans have sent every available unit into the assault. This could be the final knock out blow that removes the Soviets from the war. Unfortunately for Germany, the first blow was landed by the Russians. The Germans sent the last two squadrons of Luftwaffe in support of the attack. Russian High Command rolled for anti-aircraft fire, needing snake eyes. The shock felt throughout High Command could be heard and felt in other offices when two ones appeared on the dice; both German planes went down in flames, removing their contribution to the battle. The roll made the battle even and now the Germans must try and fight the Russians for control of the capital. Field Commanders note that this is another large battle with the requirements of two objectives and eight map sheets. Also, 1945 troops and equipment may be used by either side.

In other action around the ETO, the Germans were caught off guard in all their movements and attacks. They failed to notice subtle movements that could have made their cause a little more hopeful. The biggest German blunder of the turn was made by not taking the initiative in Italy. The Americans moved out of Northern Italy and attacked Austria. By making this attack, the German fighter squadron stationed in Southern Italy was incapable (fighters can’t take land territory) of mounting an attack on Rome. The German infantry stationed in Austria, which was the infantry destined for the assault on Rome, now found themselves under attack and fighting for their own survival. The Germans are also attacking Russia, Siberia and Turkestan. The Germans are also hoping to finally overcome the defenders of Stalingrad.

If all the German attacks in the Soviet Union are successful they will be masters of the country but the cost could be the loss of their own. Remember to report your ETO 8 results to The deadline for all ETO 8 battles is Monday, October 15, 2007 at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time. The war in Europe is about to come to an end – who will be in control when the final dust cloud settles? The fate of Europe, and indeed the world, is in your hands.

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