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Opening Salvo: Pt. 4
1939-1945 Set
by Robert Mull

The new Axis and Allies Miniatures: 1939-1945 Starter Set and boosters hit store shelves on October 26th. Last week we looked at two Japanese units, the Type 95 Ha-Go and the Type 97 Chi-Ha, both of which had new paint schemes. This week we look at two recosted units, including a workhorse of the American Army and a powerful German tank destroyer.

M5 Half-Track

The M5 Half-Track saw action in all theaters of World War II. Its ability to haul troops, cargo, pull artillery and be built into numerous variants made it a workhorse of the American military. The stats for the M5 have not changed and it retains its Transport, High Gear 2 and Fighting Platform special abilities. The cost of the M5 has been cut in half to seven points. For three points more than a Jeep, you lose 1 speed, gain 1 defense, gain Fighting Platform plus inherent attack abilities. With this change in cost, the M5 is sure to re-evaluated by players and included in many war bands.


The Jagdpanther is a formidable fighting platform. Hitting harder than a Tiger I out to 12 hexes, its only real weakness is its No Turret special ability. While neither the stats nor the special abilities of the Jagdpanther have changed, the cost has been reduced dramatically from 57 points to 39 points. It's a dramatic savings in such a powerful unit. The look of the Jagdpanther has changed as well from it's classic German gray to a light brownish-tan color complete with German cross. At this point cost, it's a safe bet that the Jagdpanther will be considered by many Axis generals for inclusion in their war bands.

Check back next Friday when we will be focusing on a new pair of units from the 1939-1945 Set. Until then, go to our message boards to talk about this preview.

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