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Opening Salvo: Pt. 5
1939-1945 Set
by Robert Mull

The new Axis and Allies Miniatures: 1939-1945 Starter Set and boosters hit store shelves on October 26th. Last week we looked at the drastically recosted Jagdpanther and M5 Half-Track This week we look at two Soviet units.


The KV-1 remains the brute it has always been. Its stat card remains unchanged, sporting a 6/6 defense combined with Hulking Mass that ensures it will stay in the fight for a long time. It's a classic Allied piece that finds its way into many existing war bands. The primary difference between this KV-1 and the one you would find in the Base Set is the amount of detail on the model and the new paint scheme. The KV-1 now sports a classic green Soviet paint job complete with a red star. It's a great tank that will always find a home in Allied armies.


The T-26B first saw life in Set II as the Chinese T-26 Series 1933. There it had a bright green paint scheme and was hindered by the Unreliable special ability. Now it's the Soviet version in the classic green paint scheme with red star. The detail has been improved and although it has the same cost and stats, it has lost its' Unreliable special ability. This makes it a great light tank, usable in swarms, for both Allied commanders and Soviet Army purists.

Check back next Friday when we will be focusing on the final pair of preview units from the 1939-1945 Set. Until then, go to our message boards to talk about this preview.

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