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Axis and Allies Campaign
by David Devere & Tom Maertz

PTO Spring – Summer 1945 – In PTO 7 the noose tightened around the throat of the Japanese empire – now in PTO 8 the hatch in the gallows has swung open and the Empire’s neck is about to break. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the war is in its final hour.

Results of ETO 7, Fall – Winter 1944.

Usually we report ETO results along with new PTO tickets but this week we are departing from that norm and only issuing PTO 8 tickets. Next week we will report the results of ETO 8 along with an overview of all the ETO stats.

Pacific Theater of Operations Part 8

Victory cities determine which side wins the war. Just like in the regular board game at the end of each turn you check for victory. Turn 8, and PTO 8 in particular, will decide the outcome of the entire war. Currently the Allies hold 5 cities in the ETO and 4 cities in the PTO but they are attacking the Manila, Shanghi and Tokyo – all victory point cities. They will most likely take Manila giving them 10 cities. They need 11 to win. Therefore the tipping point cities are Shanghi and Tokyo. A loss at either will give the Allies a total victory. The fate of the war is being decided not in Europe but in the Pacific. Here are your orders:

Battle No. 76 is for the Philippines. The Americans withdrew all their forces from the islands and sent them to Japan. By doing this they temporally gave the territory back to the Japanese. The British are now landing with sufficient force to remove the Japanese infantry division from Manila and take the city for the United Kingdom. Field Commanders note that this is a Blitz ticket and the Japanese have salvaged an M3 Stuart.

Battle No. 77 is in Shantung. The Brits are sending a strong amphibious attack into Shantung. The British must win this battle so they can move on and attack Shanghi. Shanghi is a victory point city. If they win both in Shantung and Shanghi the UK will win the war for the Allies.

Battle No. 78 is for Shanghi. This is a fixed defender battle for this crucial victory point city. The Japanese commander is out numbered and surrounded but all his points are in wild. The Brits have to take half in soldier and half in wild. Japanese High Command encourages its commanders to be creative; build an impenetrable fortress and then stand firm defending it! British High Command encourages its commanders to finish the job with proper use of our main assets - superior tactics, armaments and speed.

Battle No. 79 is for Japan. This is a huge battle. Everything is on the line for the Japanese. Honor does not allow the loss of the home island but the Americans will not allow the Japanese to continue fighting. This battle is a prelude to the attack on Tokyo. If the Americans lose then all the results submitted for Battle Ticket #80 will be voided. But if the Japanese lose then the war is coming to the capital – Tokyo is burning. Japanese Field Commanders note that there are two salvaged pieces of equipment for use.

Battle No. 80 is for Tokyo. The significance of losing a capital city hardly needs to be stated. The loss of Tokyo will knock Japan out of the war, thus ending the war in the Pacific and in Europe. Japanese commanders have all their points in wild and they have salvaged pieces at their disposal. Japanese High Command expects its commanders to fight honorably and fight to the last! American High Command encourages its commanders to use shock and awe to blast the Japanese from their defenses and end the war for everyone.

In other action around the PTO, American troops have landed on and taken Korea. Chinese troops have invaded and taken Manchuria, finally ending years of Japanese domination in the area and British tanks have swept into Malaya, the last Japanese colony.

Next week we will report the results of ETO 8 and give you stats from the entire European war. Until then remember to report your PTO 8 results to The deadline for all PTO 8 battles is Monday, October 29th, 2007 at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time. The Imperial Empire is a shattered wreck of its former self. Can it muster up enough courage for one more heroic stand against its enemies?

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