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Axis and Allies Campaign
ETO Final Results
by David Devere & Tom Maertz

European Theater of Operations: Part 8 Fall / Winter 1944

“Germany Surrenders! German Generals assassinate Hitler in a bomb plot then surrender to Allied forces. The War in Europe is over!”

Whenever a World War II game is played one of the main attractions is to see if you can change history or repeat it. Can you take out the Russians, or if playing the Russians can hold. What would your strategy be, how would you proceed, and in a miniatures game the question becomes, which infantry, artillery, tanks or planes will a commander take to win the day? This is the main attraction of all WWII games and this is what keeps us coming back for more time and time again.

The Campaign game was a grand experiment. It gave us some historical venues like Stalingrad, Normandy, the battle of the Atlantic and the siege of Leningrad and some non-historical venues like Norway, Vichy France and the Africa Corps eventually marched all the way to Stalingrad. The wild card factor was you, the player, fighting the battles and reporting results and us, High Command, every week struggling to implement a strategy with results that were sometimes unexpected – but that’s what makes playing a game fun


Let’s take a look at the last battles in Europe.

Battle No. 71 was in West Germany. The British had more points but this time it didn’t help. For all the winning the Brits have been doing in Europe and the Pacific this time the Germans were determined to win. The Germans beat the 4 out of 6 battles reported but the English extracted a high price leaving the Germans with only 1 infantry division holding field. West Germany is still controlled by the Germans.

Battle No. 72 was for control of East Germany. This was an important battle. Berlin is wholly contained in East Germany. Whoever controls East Germany effectively controls Berlin and Berlin controls all of the Reich. This was an even fight and the battle was huge. 1020 points of miniatures on the board - sounds fun to me! The Americans prevailed, winning 7 battles to the German 6. “Oh where have all the German commanders gone!? They have abandoned Germany in our hour of need.” –wailed German High Command when the results were reported. Without East Germany the fight was up. German High Command assessed the situation in the Pacific and in Europe and decided to throw in the towel. The fight for European domination was over.

Battle No. 73. Two weeks ago we asked, “What is the fate of Paris?” The response is undoubtedly that Paris is a free city. The British and Americans convincingly took back the city from the German defenders, winning 5 out of 7 reported battles.

Battle No. 74 was in Leningrad. This has been a pesky city for Germany, changing hands numerous times throughout the war. However in the final hour the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front has done what its brothers in East Germany couldn’t do – win. Leningrad is German. With the Germans winning 5 out of 6 battles reported. The Russians were utterly decimated but the victory is too little, too late.

Battle No. 75 was the long anticipated German attack on Moscow. A German win here could have reversed the fortunes for the Axis but the hapless Russians knew how to stiffen when called upon and the Soviets repulsed the German attack on their capital. The Russians won 5 out of 8 battles reported. For Germany it was just another sign that the war is over – maybe with a knockout blow to Russia they could have had a chance but there is always next time.

In other action around the ETO, the Germans finally took Stalingrad and Turkestan and they were able to repulse an American attack into Austria.

This week we reported how many battles were won by individual sides and it might make our faithful readers think that the game is being decided by just a few and they’d be right. Toward the end of the Campaign most of the battles were decided by less than 20 reports. But over all we’ve had a good response. Here are some interesting numbers:

Out of 40 ETO tickets 1001 After Action Reports were submitted.

Of the 40 tickets:

  • Germany won 26.
  • Russia won 5.
  • UK and USA won 9.

The Builds were:

  • Russia built 27 infantry and 8 artillery.
  • UK built 17 infantry, 1 armor, 11 artillery, 1 destroyer and 3 transports.
  • USA built 14 infantry, 2 armor, 10 artillery, 3 fighters, 2 bombers, 5 destroyers and 3 transports.
  • Germany built 28 infantry, 26 armor, 12 artillery, 4 fighters, 1 submarine and 1 transport.

This week along with a map showing the results of ETO 8 we’ve included a map showing all the numbered battles and where all the battles took place in Europe between the Spring of 1941 and Fall 1944.

Next week we’ll wrap up the PTO. Until then don’t forget to report your PTO AARs. Every report counts!

Previously in the Axis & Allies Campaign:

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