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Axis and Allies Campaign
PTO Final Results
by David Devere & Tom Maertz

Pacific Theater of Operations – Spring / Summer 1945

“The Emperor Unconditionally Surrenders! Japanese armed forces are reduced to 1 infantry division. The War is over!”

It’s been a long hard slog for the Japanese. Honestly I’d thought they could have done better, especially on the naval side of the game. On the land the Japanese just don’t stack up well enough against medium to heavy armor and they had a hard time taking on hordes of Chinese. Sounds familiar.

Let’s take a look at the last battles in the Pacific:

Battle No. 76 was a UK Blitz into the Philippines. In a completely unsurprising result the Brits swept the Japanese from the islands, winning 4 battles to none. The average retreated points for the Japanese were 3. Ouch! The British have had some substantial wins in the past but this was complete and utter domination.

Battle No. 77 was for Shantung. Again the British ran rough shod over the Japanese army, winning 6 out of 7 and setting the stage for the assault on Shanghi. The Japanese would have retreated a fighter squadron if they’d had anywhere to go, but Korea, Kiangsi, Manchuria, Anhwe, Formosa, and Ryuku, which were once all Japanese possessions, were occupied by Allied forces. No one remains to contest the British.

Battle No. 78 was for Shanghi. No points for guessing who won. The British obliterated what little resistance the Japanese could muster winning 6 out of 6 and leaving the Japanese with an average number of retreated points of 5. Five retreated points isn’t enough to make a piece to contest the city. With the loss of Shanghi the Japanese lose their last possession on mainland Asia.

Battle No. 79 was for the island of Japan. What about here? Could the Japanese muster enough troops to wear down the Americans through sheer numbers? As the tickets filtered in it looked like the Japanese might be able to make a last stand at home. In the end the Japanese won 2 and the Americans won 2. It came down to points remaining – the Japanese had 114, the Americans had 186: an American victory determined by a tie breaker.

Battle No. 80 for Tokyo. The American win in battle 79 to set up battle 80. If the Japanese had won 77 or 79 we would have disregarded the results of 78 and 80. The Japanese having lost their home island to the Americans couldn’t resist any longer. The Americans streamed into Tokyo and knocked Japan out of the war. The Americans won 4 out of 5 battles for Tokyo.

In other action around the PTO, the British have taken back Malaya and the Chinese have easily taken Manchuria. The only Japanese unit left on the board is an infantry in Sumatra. Someone will tell them the war is over, right?

Out of 40 PTO tickets, 762 After Action Reports were submitted.

Of the 40 tickets:

  • Japan won 11.
  • UK and USA won 29.

The Builds were:

  • Japan built 41 infantry (wow!), 7 artillery, 5 fighters and 2 battleships.
  • UK built 9 infantry, 9 armor, 10 artillery, 1 destroyer, 1 carrier and 5 transports.
  • USA built 18 infantry, 18 artillery, 10 fighters, 2 marines, 3 destroyers, 1 carrier and 19 transports.

This week we have maps showing the results of PTO 8 all of the battles that took place in the Pacific between Winter 1941 and Spring 1945.

The entire Campaign Game created 80 tickets and 1,763 After Action Reports were submitted. That averages to 22 reports per battle.

Thank you to our loyal commanders for participating in this noble endeavor. No matter if you reported 1 battle or all 80 I hope you had fun playing out our version of WWII. Everyone here at High Command salutes your effort. Until next time, Company Dismissed!

This brings our Axis and Allies Campaign to an end. Now go to the message boards and discuss the entire campaign and what we should do next.

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