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1939 - 1945 F.A.Q.


Cost Adjustments

In the Axis & Allies Miniatures 1939–1945 set, the following units were reduced in cost in order to make them more viable choices:

  • Tiger I previously cost 63 points; it now costs 56 points.
  • Jagdpanther previously cost 57 points; it now costs 39 points.
  • M26 Pershing previously cost 65 points; it now costs 60 points.
  • King Tiger previously cost 71 points; it now costs 62 points.
  • SU-85 previously cost 26 points; it now costs 22 points.
  • IS-2 model 1944 previously cost 68 points; it now costs 61 points.
  • Sd Kfz 251 previously cost 14 points; it now cost 6 points.
  • M5 Half-track previously cost 14 points; it now costs 7 points.

The following units have had their costs increased, as they proved too powerful:

  • SS-Panzergrenadier previously cost 5 points; it now costs 7 points.
  • Rangers previously cost 5 points; it now costs 7 points.

In official Organized Play games there is a limit of one hero per army. This limit is suggested for all army builds (but encourage players to adopt those rules they enjoy).

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