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Opening Salvo: Pt. 1
War at Sea -- Task Force Set
by Rich Baker

The new Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea -- Task Force set hit store shelves on Jul 25th! For our first salvo, we take a look at the USS Laffey and its most formidible foe, the A6M2 Zero Kamikaze.

USS Laffey
The Sumner-class destroyers followed the Fletcher class and differed from their predecessors by mounting their 5” guns in three twin turrets rather than five single turrets. They were fitted with heavy antiaircraft armament for ships of their size. The USS Laffey (DD 724) is preserved at the Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Charleston, South Carolina.

A6M2 Zero Kamikaze
In the summer of 1944, the Allied advance into Japanese-held territory seemed unstoppable. As the Allied return to the Phillipines became inevitable, Japan began to organize air units for suicide attack. The first kamikaze attacks took place in October of 1944 during the invasion of Leyte, and proved successful enough for the Japanese to organize many more kamikaze attacks in the last months of the war.

Check back next Monday when we will be focusing on a new pair of units from the Task Force set. Until then, go to our message boards to talk about this preview.

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