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Map Guide

  • Ages 12 +
  • For use with North Africa 1939-1943
  • 3 full color, double sided,
         21” x 30” hex maps
  • 2 all new scenarios
  • Coming March, 2008
  • Battles Rage Across the Sands of North Africa

    Conduct operations in the desert terrain of Tunisia and Egypt with the North Africa 1940-1943 Map Guide! This companion item to the North Africa 1940-1943 expansion equips players with battle maps, scenarios, and terrain specific rules to conduct battles fought between the Axis & Allied forces in the North African theater. Additionally, each map offers jungle terrain on its opposite side for use in Pacific theater scenarios. Battle scenarios challenge players on either side of the battlefield, putting tactical skills and strategic planning to the test. Large double-sided battle maps feature detailed artwork and allow players to make use of maneuverability and tactical placement of their units.

    SKU: 219370000
    ISBN: 978-0-7869-5041-6


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