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General Questions

Q: Considering the historical army limits, what armies did Australian units fight with and against?
A: The Australians fought with the United Kingdom, United States, and Free French units in North Africa against the Germans and Italians. Australians fought independently of and alongside the United Kingdom and United States units all through the Pacific theatre against the Japanese.

Q: What armies did the Greeks fight with and against?
A: The Greeks fought against the Italians and later fought alongside the United Kingdom units against the Germans and Italians.

Q: Trucks have “Large Transport,” which means they can transport two units. What happens if both transported units attempt to dismount into the same hex as the truck?
A: The stacking limit is two friendly units. If dismounting a unit would break the stacking limit, you may place that extra unit in any adjacent legal hex that contains no enemies.

Q: Tank commanders have commander abilities that affect friendly vehicles within two hexes of them. Do the units have to have line of sight to each other?
A: No.

Q: Do Tank commanders affect themselves?
A: Yes. While not disrupted, all commanders, soldiers, or vehicles affect themselves.

Specific Card Questions

French Alpine Troop says:
Mountaineering — This unit gets +1 on movement rolls.”

Q: Does this just work with terrain-based movement rolls, or all movement rolls?
A: This works with all movement rolls.

Greek Officer says:
Tides of War — Friendly Soldiers adjacent to this unit roll one extra attack die when attacking if an enemy unit was destroyed last turn.”

Q: If my opponent has a commissar and sacrifices one of his soldiers to use Bravery Enforcement, does Tides of War work? A: Yes.

Q: If my opponent went first and somehow one of his or her units was destroyed while he or she was moving units, does Tides of War work?
A: It would work, but remember each a turn consists of both players moving/attacking with their units. So you wouldn’t get the Tides of War bonus that turn; you would get the bonus next turn.

2-Pounder Antitank Gun says:
Quick Swivel — When making a defensive-fire attack, this unit rolls one extra attack die.”

Q: In the Expanded Rules, antitank guns can be placed on Overwatch. Does Quick Swivel give its bonus using Overwatch?
A: Yes. Overwatch is treated as a special defensive-fire attack. Anything that modifies a defensive-fire attack applies to Overwatch.

P-40 Tomahawk says:
Aircraft — Aircraft are placed during the flight phase and attack during the airstrike phase. Units attacking Aircraft use their anti-Soldier attacks and get –1 on each attack die.” “Steady Firing — This unit rolls two extra attack dice when attacking a Soldier.”

Q: Since units attack aircraft with their anti-soldier values, does Steady Firing give two extra attack dice when attacking aircraft? A: No. Steady Firing only works when attacking actual soldier units.

U.S. Recruit says:
Green — This unit must roll a 4+ to remove a Disrupted counter.”

Q: If your unit has a disrupted counter and you fail to roll a 4+, can you roll again next turn?
A: Yes. Anytime that a disrupted counter could be removed, you may only remove it if you roll a 4+.

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