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The classics make a comeback with
Diplomacy® and Acquire® releasing in 2008

February 27, 2008 (Renton, Wash.) – Wizards of the Coast is celebrating Avalon Hill’s 50 years of great conquests in strategy gaming with a line-up that has fans excited like never before. Avalon Hill is bringing back two classic titles in DIPLOMACY and ACQUIRE to start off the year, and the season will wrap-up with an Anniversary Edition of AXIS & ALLIES® that every fan will want to have.


  • Long time Avalon Hill fans are sure to be excited with the re-release of the legendary DIPLOMACY strategy war game. Diplomacy will feature all new packaging and components while staying true to the game mechanics that fans know and love. A more spacious playing board with an updated map allows players to position their forces with ease. Diplomacy will release March 14, 2008 with a MSRP of $30.

  • The classic planning and purchasing game, ACQUIRE, will also be re-releasing this year. Acquire will feature new packaging, components, and playing board, but will still have the same time-tested game mechanics. Acquire will release June 13, 2008 with a MSRP of $30.

  • To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Avalon Hill, Axis & Allies is launching its most expansive game ever. The AXIS & ALLIES ANNIVERSARY EDITION will feature the debut of Italy as the third Axis nation, the introduction of the cruiser unit to the naval lineup, and the largest Axis & Allies board to-date measuring 24x46 inches. With over 600 pieces, players will be able to recreate and decide the outcome of WWII like never before. The Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition is designed and developed by Larry Harris, the original designer of Axis & Allies, and will release on October 23, 2008 with an MSRP of $100.


  • The long-awaited AXIS & ALLIES North Africa™ 1940-1943 expansion is here at last! This 60-model release will feature the debut of trucks, commander tanks and Greek units. The set will also offer the English Matilda tank and the German 88mm anti-tank gun. A&A North Africa Minis 1940-1943 will release on March 28, 2008.

  • As an accessory to the North Africa Miniatures release, the NORTH AFRICA 1940-1943 Map Guide will offer two scenarios and three full-color, double-sided battle maps with desert terrain on one side and jungle terrain on the other. The North Africa 1940-1943 Map Guide will release on March 28, 2008.

  • The highly anticipated WAR AT SEA: TASK FORCE™ expansion is an exciting addition to the 2008 line-up for War at Sea™ Naval Miniatures fans. This booster-only release contains 60 models of WWII combat vessels and aircraft. Task Force will feature the famous USS Yorktown, the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, and Canadian & Dutch Units. War at Sea: Task Force is releasing on July 25, 2008.

  • To wrap up the year, the 60-model AXIS & ALLIES Miniatures Eastern Front 1941-1945 expansion will debut the Panther ausf G, Finnish units, and the Canadian Kangaroo. The set will also feature German Pioneers, Hungarian and Romanian units. A&A Eastern Front Minis 1941-1945 will release on October 10, 2008.

  • As an accessory to the Eastern Front Miniatures release, the EASTERN FRONT 1941-1945 Map Guide will offer two scenarios and three full-color, double-sided battle maps with ruined city terrain on one side and winter steppe terrain on the other. The Eastern Front 1941-1945 Map Guide will release on October 10, 2008.

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