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Monsters Menace America:
Unleash the Mayhem!

Monsters Menace America logo

Coming in April 2005 is Monsters Menace America, a game of giant movie monster mayhem. Players stomp, crush, burn, and battle their way across North America on their way to becoming the biggest, baddest giant monster on the continent. Along the way they will smash military units and bases, destroy cities and famous landmarks, and absorb radiation and toxic waste to mutate themselves. Eventually, the giant monsters meet for the ultimate showdown to determine who's the strongest of the strong.

Monsters Menace America

Here's what comes in your Monsters Menace America box.

  • Game Board
  • 6 Giant Plastic Monsters and 6 Giant Monster Record Tiles
    • Gargantis
    • Konk
    • Megaclaw
    • Tomanagi
    • Toxicor
    • Zorb
  • 2 Giant Military Units and 2 Giant Military Unit Record Tiles
    • Mecha-Monster
    • Captain Colossal
  • 5 Military Record Tiles
    • Army
    • Air Force
    • Navy
    • Marines
    • National Guard
  • 42 Military Units
    • Tanks
    • Missile and Rocket Launchers
    • Jet Fighters and X-Fighters
    • Nuclear Submarines and Cruise Missiles
  • 16 Military Research Cards
  • 16 Monster Mutation Cards
  • 42 Infamy Tokens
  • 23 Stomp Markers
  • 15 Plastic Sliders
  • 3 Dice

The Board

The Monsters Menace America game board shows the contiguous 48 states plus a portion of Canada and Mexico on a hexgrid map.

Besides empty land and water hexes, the map contains the following types of terrain.

  • Infamy Sites, where monsters gain Infamy Tokens;
  • Mutation Sites, where monsters draw Mutation Cards;
  • Monster Lairs, where monsters begin the game and where they can retreat to lick their wounds after taking a beating;
  • Cities, which monsters can stomp in order to gain Health;
  • Military Bases, where the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and National Guard military units are deployed and which can also be stomped by monsters;
  • Challenge Sites, where monsters go to challenge one another to one-on-one combat for mastery of the world.

What You Get

The Cards

The game's 32 cards come in two varieties.

  • Mutation Cards are drawn whenever a monster visits a Mutation Site. Mutations make your monster tougher, but you can benefit from each Mutation Site only once.
  • One Military Research Card can be drawn instead of deploying military units on your turn. Like mutation cards, research cards tend to make your military units tougher. They can also give you control over one of the special military units -- the X Fighters, Mecha-Monster, or Captain Colossal.

The Monsters!

Here's what you've been waiting for!

Each of the six monsters is unique, right down to its war cry. All of its abilities are summarized on its individual record tile. Some characteristics, such as Health, change during the game. With any luck, you'll also pick up mutations and Infamy Tokens as you stomp around North America.

The Monsters!

In the sequel, we look at the giant monsters and the military units that fight them!

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